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May 01, 2009



I have finished block 1 - 5 :)
It was verry nice to make...:)
now I have to wait for the next month:(

grt. Tineke


how wonderful is mother nature...would love to have chickens in my back yard.


So sweet! The chickens are adorable!!
Thanks so much, Cheryl :)

Sylvie BG

So cute ! I love it !
Thanks a lot, Cheryl !
I had to stitch the 4th block and then this one. I'm late...
But I really love this chooks !
Hugs from France,

Jan Richards (NZ)

Thanks Cheryl..I love this design:) We had chooks years ago too & I still miss the girls. Ours were named Red, Tickity Boo, No name.. poor girl we'd run out of ideas! & then there was Psycho & she was definately the boss!! Even the cat gave her a wide berth!

sue tokash

Thank you Cheryl, this was worth the wait. I was so glad to see baby chicks. My sneaky hen disappeared for a month and showed up 2 days ago with nine little babies. What a great surprise.


Too cute this new block! Thank you once again dear Cheryl!


Thanks again for the gorgeous stitchery. The girls look so "matter of fact". I had chooks when growing up on the farm. Mum would only let us name two.Henny Penny and Cluckie. They do have their own personalities. Are they like your sisters??


I love it! Thank for sharing this beautiful block.

Yvonne aka sommeke

Thank you for sharing! Love it!

Rita R

I look forward to do this one too, wery cute.
Thank you.


Great girls you have ;-)
Thanks for another beautifull block. Hugs.


Thanks for another gorgeous stitchery Cheryl ... just love the chooks!! We used to have some too ... their names were Emma, Marnie and Boo.
Joy :o)


very nice, i love it thank you


Very cute ! thank a lot !

Mary Jo Jones

I love it! Thanks so much...these are all so special!

Mary Jo in Iowa


Great block!


Cute block! I love your new header too!


LUV the chooks.....I am so far behind.......Need to get busy on these adorable blocks........Amy


Very sweet! You are just too clever. I look forward to returning to my home and getting started on some embroidery. You've got me fired up! I have everything I need to get started. I hop the bus tomorrow, an all day trip.

Mandy Meierotto

How darling, how did you know I just LOVE chickens? I'm all caught up with all April's BOM's ready to start on May's. Thanks again, your such a sweetie!


This block was so cute. I love chooks - have always wanted to have some of them in my garden. I have finished block 1 - 4, and will start on this one this week-end.
Love from Norway

Carrie P.

Too sweet. Love it. I just finished the garden one and posted it today.

Judy H.

Very cute!

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