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January 09, 2010



I must admit - I felt very pretty with a fascinator and pearls - but kept thinking it was my sunglasses on top of my head!! I'd put my hand there and feel a gigantic flower!! What a fab afternoon - but wait... There are plans for more. Such fun to make (and eat) delicate treats and play ladies. Should be a more regular event I think....Shaz...the fascinating gal with the funky fascinator??


OH ho, that is so funny,, sounds like something Mr.Couple would do. I wish I could have been there, everything looks so delightful and pretty,,I do love tea,, My Mum and I have tea everyday.


Your friend Shaz looks gorgeous ... straight from "Pleasantville" :o). What a fun afternoon you had, would have loved to be there with you all :o)!!!
Col's hilarious, and clearly very inventive in trying to cover his tracks too LOL!!!!
Joy :o)


What a lovely tea! That's hysterical about the pic of the treat......*giggle*


Shaz looks so pretty in her pearls and pretty purse! Can you pour me a cuppa? ;0 Wish I was there.


Oh how lovely to dress up and have fun... looks like you all had a fab time...
Hugs Dawn x x x


Looks like a great time was had by all. I've only been to one High Tea and it was at the Empress Hotel in Vancouver, Canada.

I wish people here celebrated afternoons with teas...


what a wonderful day..........looks lovely.........and yes it is nice to wear skirts and dresses.........


I love Teas, both attending and giving them. Yours looks lovely and I got a kick out of the sneaky but clever hubby. LOL Fascinator is a new term for me. Teas, quilts and chocolate.... life doesn't get much better than that.


Mjam, I looks and sounds delicious. And I love the weather with you, you're wearing a dress. I think if I would do that today I will be ill tomorrow. At the moment there is falling snow and it is cold for us in Holland, around -5 degrees..... I hardly can believe that you are wearing those clothes.

Greetings from HOlland, brrrr

Melanie Willows

Hia Cheryl, you now have my hubby giggling at the antics of your hubby. I think he has made mental notes of this ruse! LOL

Love love your proper posh afternoon tea. Ooo "fascinator" not heard that term in a while. Love it! Pretty gifties and what a gorgeous looking spread!


Sounds like a good time by all and I love High Tea all those little cakes yum, although I am like you and I don't like wearing a dress.
Hugs Bec

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