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January 13, 2009



trying to download under the sea and verandah views patterns and am not able to. Is it because They are no longer available?

baju batik

I'd love to see photos of your finished blocks so post them on your blog or email them to me - let me know if you've posted them and I'll send some lurkers ove

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I like that post and i want to share this with my friends.
keep it up.

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i like your blog

diane brides

thankyou so much for the embroidery pattern, i have renial cancer and when i find these freebees it gives me something to do while i sit.which is alot. the chemo is a bit ruff.

Judes Stuff

I am going to start Verandah views today, so thankyou for the patterns. Judy

Ellice Orenshaw

This is gorgeous, I love it, but it might end up slightly bigger than a mini quilt {I'm not into wall hangings :)}

Gloria Smith

I just love your creations, thank you for sharing.

Gloria from Australia

Liz Needle

Love your stitchery. I am looking forward to each month.


Becky Dunn

i love your blog i visit often


LOVE this stitchery BOM I place the button on the side bar.
You find the foto's soon on my blog. I will start maybe this week.
There is also a translater on my blog.


Thank you verry much for this beautiful Bom-project. I will start it right away and I know I will enjoy making it. I can't wait for bloc two.

Greetings Renée from The Netherlands.


Love you BOM... I am looking forward to the 3rd one...

Lizzie Swinney

Love your stitchery BOM. Have put it on my blog sidebar. I look forward to next month!


I'm in love already.....Thank you, it's beautiful!


I'm cutting my fabric tonight to start in the morning, I'm so excited. Block 1 and 2 are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your design.

Do you have a site to post our pictures of the finished blocks?


Shiree Johnston

oooh this looks lovely, might have to give this a go... we have a long weekend in NZ this coming weekend, so now know what I will be doing, thanks!

Anita  (Sniet)

Thank you very much the lovely stitcheries.

Greetings Anita


Luv your BOM's. Thank you very much for sharing. I will use silk ribbon for the flowers.

genny garcia

I¨m crazy for you work, its beautiful. Mi ingles es muy malo pero me encanto tu trabajo, yo tambien quisiera hacerlo.


Beautiful! This is making me start stitching again. I'm going to add this to my blog.

Ulla Pousette

I really got caught of your wonderful romantic picture of hanging branches in a willow tree and of cóurse I am looking forward to peep on the following months and make the stitchery
Kindest regards
Ulla in Gothenburg Sweden

Agneta Ekholm

What a pretty BOM you've created. I'm not that into stitchery, but you tempted me to try. But I would like to ask you for the measurements for the blocks, somehow I think it might be easier for me to get started if I already have made the blocks! Only if it's possible for you, of course!
Thanks in advance!
Agneta in Sweden


Me parece un proyecto estupendo, así que intentaré participar.


Lyn Smith

What a great start to a BOM. I am addicted to these things & already have tooo many on the go, but I just love them. Will be starting this one very soon. Thank you for your generosity.


it looks so beautiful - I will try it too :-) Have a nice day - Veri


I go to affix its BOM one. It is very pretty and interesting this type of work. For being a block to each month, if becomes attractive. I am initiating my Blog
Thank you

Margot from Brasil

Yvonne aka sommeke

Thx for sharing! I love it, will start later with this beauty!


Merci... Je ne parle et n'écris pas votre langue.... Mais heureusement qu'il y à la traduction de Google.

Merci pour se BOM.



Thank you so much for sharing this BOM, it's lovely!


I love the first block in your BOM. I hope to start it sometime today. I have not stitched in a long time but I am loving getting back to it. I can not wait to see all the blocks.

amy (sew~amy)

i love love love the 2nd block, so cute.

Carrie P.

I just got my background fabric today. I will let you know when I post my block.Going to put the button on my blog. Thanks again for sharing you talent with us.

kerri  at provincial patch

I now have it on my sidebar. Thanks again

Robin C

I'm definitely doing this one. You do some really pretty work, very delicate and I love outdoors patterns. Very cute

Robin in Virginia

Billie Kretzschmar

Really a beautiful block and so delicate. All your work is lovely.

Billie in TX

simone de klerk

What a beautiful BOM! The sneak peek of the second one looks very nice too. If I get most of my projects finished this month that I wanted to finish, I might start this one. It is really something very different from all I've seen lately! Thank you so much. If you don't mind, I'll put it on my blog!


Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful BOM! I will start right away! Kind Regards,

The Netherlands

Laurie in Maine

I adore this stitchery! (I'm thinking silk ribbon leaves :)
have downloaded the sidebar logo.


Just love the b.o.m. stitchery. Thankyou for being so generous.I am going to share this with my girlfriend who isnt much good on the net/computer.We can stitch it together, she will love it. Thanks again look forward to next month

Mary Jo Jones

What a wonderful opportunity! You are so kind to offer this free BOM..I am soooo looking forward to each one. Thank you for sharing your talent.

Mary Jo in Iowa

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