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July 29, 2009


Linda Alexander

Thanks for the little stitcheries. I looked at these and printed them out last year thinking I would do them. I just kept looking at them over and over. I made a few of the little fabric baskets and gave as gifts but not with the stitcheries. I finally did the little stitcheries this past week and I enjoyed doing them so much. I finished the little basket last night but I learned alot from doing this one. I couldn't use all of the stitcheries because I put them too close together. Well duh, did I feel stupid. Oh well, I'll do it again and make sure I allow enough space. I so enjoyed these and just wanted to thank you for sharing these. I so enjoy your blog. Thank you so much, Linda


Your work is very nice.....


Hi Cheryl
I have just posted my little wallhanging made from your designs on my blog with a link back to you. Thanks so much for the pattern.

Carol Funk

I get an error message whenI try to download the Christmas Littles. Thanks


Too cute. I have made Pink Penguins little baskets and love them. These little stitcheries are so cute. Thank you so much for sharing. I plan on making at least one(for me) and if I have time, I'll make more to give. I gave all the little baskets away to my friends so I can be selfish this time. I love your blog...hugs, Linda


Oh, what a cute idea. Wonderful gift for Christmas to fill with lots of small goodies.
Thank you for sharing your awesome talent, once again.


Thank you for the darling sticheries and the great idea! I have made Pink Penguin's basket before, but never thought of doing sticheries in it! Awesome! Love your Monograms too!

Sylvie BG

Thanks a lot for these stitcheries, Cheryl ! I love them ! And the little basket too !
I'm going to make one... or two !


Oh Cheryl thank you, they're so pretty ... and your roses are just darling!!! They match that fabric just perfectly, I'm sure that's no coincidence ;o).
Joy :o)


Thanks for the lovely stitcheries. Now I'll just have to find time to do some.


hey, what was in the box?! ;0 quit trying to distract us with pretty stuff. ;0


thanks a lot for these cute designs,Cheryl


I have admired the basket at Anne Maries blog. So cute! Now I can make one for myself. Thank you for sharing.


so beautiful! i love the coloring and the stitcheries!


thanks for this little sticheries, I have make the pink penguins' blog's the little basket but with your embroideries I am going an other..


Thank you Cheryl! They are so sweet!
lv, Joy


What delightful little stitcheries! And the little basket is too perfect - thank you so much!!
Hugs - Shari

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