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August 27, 2009


roupas de bebê

Oi! Meu nome é Ana Paula e achei seu site na Internet enquanto navegava, e gostei muito! Tenho visitado este site com minha filha, mas é a primeira vez que entro para deixar um comentário. É muito bom encontrar uma página com informação e conteúdo de qualidade, o qual possamos ver com a família sem preocupações. Abraços Ana


Hi Cheryl,
I am a last minute participant in the Sewing machine cover challenge. Please stop over at my blog and take a look. Thanks :-)



Love the way you are going to call this new adventure 'Dear Me'! Well and then the solution to what this funny little man hammered. It's as though there is a light inside. Maybe to keep (hatched) eggs warm. Probably not, but it was just an idea.
It was great catching up with your blog again. I love the pattern for the machine cover! And seen some bloggers challenging it. Some lovely creations (O:

Nanci Moy

Looks like some sort of incubator to me, are you thinking about hatching your own ducks?

Mary Burn

It looks like a Bee Hive -- for making honey. I believe you probably have lots of bees in your yard and this would be a perfect home for them.


My guess would be a compost bin. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

I have all the DJ books, CD, and rulers - and yet to start! It'll be a long journey for sure.

Sharon in FL



rita burhans

howdy -- that is a strange looking thing, but my husband and i think it's an incubator of some kind. like for hatching chick eggs or tomato plants. yep, that's what it is alright!


Ich habe das Top von DJ fertig, aber das Dreieck fehlen, die Software seinen verry good, Englisch zu schreiben ihre dificult chris


lol, I like the light box theory that also keeps your breakfast warm.

Hey, if that ISN"T what that thing is, ask the funny little man if he would make a light box/scone warmer for you.

Have your camera ready because his expression will be priceless! ;0


Looks like a compost container to me.

I started a Dear Jane quilt on September 10, 2001 - the day before the horrible 9/11 day when the world changed forever. I have been keeping a fabric journal where I record what was happening the day I made that particular block and will incorporate them into the back of the quilt. Its probably been a year or longer since I worked on it. I have all the center blocks done - now to do the triangles around the border. I use the software and love it!!! Makes making the blocks so much easier than just using the book.

Healing Hearts Lori

Looks like a safe house for keeping critters while you clean the cage perhaps??
I'm doing a DJ also. I printed off the patterns from the software onto freezer paper and was able to use them for my templates. Saved lots of drawing time. Still stitching...


Hi Cheryl, I'm pretty stumped on your little contraption is it a snake trap? I'm from Canada I don't know what type of critters you have there??? But I would really love to win one of your patterns.

Sylvie BG

Hello Cheryl !
Well... it would be a composter.
Is it a bag in it ? So, maybe a bin for things to recycle.. or to keep the duck's food...
I want to know !

Barbara York

I am thinking it is some type of rabbit trap or cage. Would love to win one of your patterns.


Maybe it's a new promo-type LIGHT BOX - for tracing stitcheries....and you could keep your scones warm until you're ready to eat them....

As for DJ - if you do it - i will?


Hmmmm..... well the sack inside seems to want to keep something neat and tidy. The wire appears to want to keep the sack safe and up right. The lid wants to keep it closed in and the brick, well it really wants to keep those critters out, so is it a unit for holding some sort of food or grain for the chooks?


lol, 'Dear Me' quilt....I have lots of those! Dear me, how can I change this and make it easier so I can finish the damn thing! ;0

I need to think about what the funny little man made for you.

I don't know about your funny man but my funny little man always makes it much more than what I asked for.

Much more expensive.
Much bigger than I asked.
Much more complicated.
Much more discussing because he's changed it SO MUCH more that I want to scream.
Much more EVERYTHING. Big sigh here.
Wait, this is an example of a 'Dear Me' project! ;0

Cathie Berkley

Cheryl,I'm thinking your funny little man made an incubator to hatch some eggs!

Kate Roland

Looks like a compost bin to me. At least in Central Calif. Ducks are not so bad. Just a little noisy if only one.

Ruth B

My guess is incubator. Looks like a chicken coop to me and an incubator would make sense. Good job funny little man.


A composter? My daughter and her boyfriend were looking into them and we ended up with one. Lucky us(?)

Delores Wall

Since it is in a chicken wire enclosure, and the bag looks like a feed sack, I think it is for holding the feed for the new Ducky. The brick on top is to keep Mr Ducky from helping himself.

Carrie P.

I don't have anything "Dear Jane" I don't think I will ever start that one for sure.
That is a very interesting box. I don't think it is for compost but I could be wrong. I think it might be to grow a very delicate plant that needs lots of protection. I have a neighbor that is growing a giant pumpkin and he has made a tent for this pumpkin. Can't wait to see what it is really ofr.


The Do Duck Inn ???

Most impressive carpentry prowess on display of course...


Cheryl I bought the Dear Jane book at the last show in Brissy ... I'm determined to at least make a start on it. Whether it will ever actually become a quilt - or a maybe a lap quilt - or even a tablerunner LOL - remains to be seen ;o).
Is that a fancy ducky pantry for Blossy's ducky's food???


I think a compost bin... at least that is what I would use it for :) I do like the duck shower idea though - I think that deserves a prize :)


Okay...when you're game to start DJ tell me. I'll sew the VERY long journey with you, ok? A friend in Esperance had the software and said it had all the book plus more, she was hooked.
It's been on my to-buy list for a while...guess I didn't want to start alone. ;-)
Hmmm...the construction...could it be to grow potatoes in or perhaps a compost bin or maybe even a bag for lawn mulch??? OR it could be to house the duck food?? Or maybe he was bored and it has no purpose at all?? This could be a trick question. ;-)

Rachelle Jones

Hey Cheryl.

I also want to do a Dear Jane quilt - if you get the software, let me know how good it is.

As to your carpetry question - I think it's a whotsit!

Rachelle x


Mum, I think Patty should win a pattern because I like the idea of an outdoor duck shower.

patty delia

I had a giggle, from my view point I thought with an add on of a hose on top it could be an outdoor duckie shower!

Elizabeth McMahon

Hmmmmm, yes my thought was some sort of heat/incubator box but that's about it I'm afraid!!!


Hello Cheryl!

No DJ software, just the book : Something to dream...

My suggestion for your husband carpentery masterpiece is an incubator.

Have a nice day,


I reckon it's a composter too!
Good luck with DJ if you start it, I haven't but from what I see it's time consuming and frequent breaks are needed.

Kathy MacPherson

Hi Cheryl,
I think it may be a feed bin. I've made 100 DJ blocks and have found the software invaluable.

chriss jasper

Good afternoon Cheryl. After about 2 seconds thought on the identity and use of said carpentry marvel, I thought of a composting bin, then thought, no maybe for just garden cuttings, not necessarily for composting, then I thought a kennel for that fox......seeing the brick on the roof...and my mind then went on to more sillyness, such as somewhere to store that Dear Jane in progress or when you want to toss it out the window!!
I hae admired Dear JAne ofr some time, have thought about it being one of my 5 year projects....hmmmm


My first thought was a compost bin too, but then I thought maybe it is some sort of fancy bee house (for your friendly friends out the front), seeing as though they are keeping their end of the bargain and not stinging you. I am also making a Dear Jane quilt. I have started anyway and come back to it between other sewing stuff. I don't have the software though. I go to a site called thatquilt which has great instructions.


Hi Cheryl...my first thought was a compost bin and I should stick with that so thats what I think it is. With the Dear Jane software I recommend it as you can print out the blocks which make it sooooo much easier. I love mine and I must get back to making some more blocks. I have done about 18 and they are fun to do. hugs Vicki


Hi Cheryl,

I think that the item in question is a compost bin.

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