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August 03, 2009



I lived in Hawaii for 3 years and fell in love with snorkeling. That was 20+ years ago. What a beautiful vacation spending time with your family.


What a PRECIOUS time you had, Cheryl! That is one beautiful family you have. :-) The quilt is OF COURSE gorgeous!!


Looks like you are having a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing all the pictures and do stay safe.


Oh Bev... stop BRAGGING!!! How dare you be talking about 35deg in KL while I'm sitting here back in the 2deg temp of the downs :-)
and I did swim, for about 20 mins. When my eyes started to freeze over I realized it was time to get out.....


i was wrapped up in the 'family renunion' and forgot to say, "I love the quilt!" very nice indeed. :)


lol, how do they cope with the view every morning? i'm sure they are coping quite well! ;0

okay, is waterboy your son and mermaid his wife? just want to keep the family members straight!

bev knowles

I bet they enjoyed the surprise. You are a big wimp for not swimming- and you come from a colder place. We spent 3 hours swimming here in KL yesterday. Water temperature about 35 degrees.There is a water park attached to the hotel.check out Sunway Resort and Spa KL- it is opulence

Sylvie BG

Oh, I would like to have a break like this ! Thanks for sharing with us, Cheryl.


What a fabulous break you had!!! And such a wonderful surprise for Waterboy and his Mermaid :o).
It's so beautiful up there [[[sigh]]]........ ;o)
Joy :o)

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