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August 14, 2009



I am so excited to be one of your winners!!! Thank you! Thank you!!!

Carrie P.

Congrats to the winners. Lovely fabrics you got.


Congrats to the girls who won! Boo hoo that I didn't! Oh, well, off to your shop I go...

Linda Roetman

Congratulations to the winners of the sewing machine pattern! The little slippers are the sweetest things...so soft-looking for tiny little feet. The little embroidered flowers on top are just the sweetest touch. I love all the adorable fabrics too. You continue to amaze us all with your wonderful things. The quote is thought-provoking. I have always loved letter-writing and, have adopted a soldier to write to at least once a week. I hope I can bring a ray of sunshine into his days. :)


They are the cutest little baby shoes!!!! Gee, you're clever!!!

Love the fabrics...can't wait to see the stash that arrives next though. Mmmm hhhhmmmmmm...lovely I bet!

Congrats to all the winners!!!


Congratulations to the lucky winners!! Their sewing machines will always look special and loved. Am going to have to make a matching set as a matter of urgency,,, Can't wait to see the next creation - they just keep coming. Gorgeous.


Ooooh I´m a winner --- thank you :) I´m so excited, in my head I´m doing a double back flip somersault, but my body isn´t going to try it!
I´ve updated my blog with my email address.
Again, thank you so much - I can´t wait to make a start.


Aww cute shoes, Congrats to your winners. Did my etsy order come to you ok? I'm so looking forward to making those bugs. :-)

I grew up with the Beartix Potter books, and still love them. What wonderful baby-nesses you have going on.


i love the baby shoes! i want some for my feet? do they come in grown-up large? jk. ;0

Rachelle Jones

Thank you so much Cheryl! I am very much looking froward to receiving this pattern in the post.

By the way, my machine is happy too......

Rachelle x


Those baby shoes are - Oh! So cute!!
Happy stitching, P


Congratulations to the girls who won the "sewing companions" pattern, lucky them.
Cheryl I absolutely adore those little bubby shoes, they are so cute, I think I need grandchildren, (OMG Did I say that out loud)

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