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September 15, 2009


air conditioning

Brilliant idea and I look forward to seeing all the new designs.

Gloria J Wellington

Hi Cheryl...have finally found a moment to enter your wonderful draw. No blog as yet!! but looks like it will have to be soon. Am a dedicated follower of yours...love the roses.
Cheers Gloria


Hi Cheryl, looking forward to seeing all the lovely designs you ladies have created. Very generous of you all. I have added the "Among the Gumtree" button to my sidebar and clicked your link for a follower. Please enter me in your draw.

Tina Dillon

Hi Cheryl,
It Sounds fabulous and so generous of all the designers - looking forward to starting and will certainly spread the word.


Wow,this is so exciting and of course I tell

Hugs from Gudrun


Just a thank you to each of the designers for starting this new blog to share their designs free with all us avid stitchers around the world.

Will be going to each blog and thanking each of you.


Congratulations Cheryl,
What a fantastic response!! What fun to see how widespread this could be...Am ready and willing to spread the word in the craft world and beyond. Who knows - we might even have a couple of new converts along the way.


How exciting Cheryl! I think that's going to be a lot of fun.


Thank you for lett us all be a part of this fun.
Hugs from Norway. ;-)


This is such a wonderful idea, well done to you all.


How exciting! You have all been such a tease over the last week. Congratulations.

Anna Rosa

Hi Cheryl,
How exciting and generous of all you Gum Tree Designing ladies.
I've added the button to my blog and i'll be checking back to see you new designs.


Oh wow Cheryl, how exciting and how generous of you all. I will be looking forward to this very much. I will start spreading the word.


I'm soooo excited...couldn't wait for the reveal, now can't wait for the start!!!!
You lot are awesome and oh, so talented....Christmas early, every week......oooooooooooh, I think I'm going to have to go and sort out my stash, just to be ready!!!!!
Thanks Cheryl ...fun, fun, fun ~*
;o) Wendy B

Shiree Johnston

oh well done, and good luck to you all. I along with many may others will certainly look forward to this!


What fun...this is going to be wonderful! And, I get to know a bunch of you - awesome!!!

You know I'm excited - cause I've loved your blog - and I know that your friends have to be as talented!

Loralynn Maresh

Absolutely fantastic! I am looking forward to getting to know the "nuts" I haven't met yet! This is such a wonderful and generous thing you ladies are doing! btw - I'm loving how my machine cover is coming along! I should have a picture for you soon!

Sue Niven

congratulations ladies, I wish you all every success. I know it will be great!


Wow! Now this I couldn't have even imagined in my wildest dreams!! It's going to be so much fun for us all! Thank you!


What fun....what a fantastic group of ladies....all just so talented...

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