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September 16, 2009


Nanna mary

Hi Cheryl I cant remember if I have entered or not I would love to win Something I think I have done all the right things Please enter me in your give away.
Hugs Mary.


Hi Cheryl,
I follow you.
I have put the button on my blog and linked it.
I follow the Gum Trees blog.


Jytte Rasmussen

Hi Cheryl, I become a follower of your block and are very happy with the beatiful 'Verandah Views' you have designed.
As I don't have a blog I leave my email-adress. I look very much forward to see what comes from all of you. It is worth waiting for.
[email protected]
Jytte R


I am a follower of yours, Cheryl. I follow the Gumtrees, too. And, I have the Gumtree button on my sidebar!

Laila L S

HI, I`m following Among the Gum Trees blog and have put the button on my blog. I have your blog on feeds, to go have a look every time you publish a new post. Not sure it counts as being a follower though.... (I use blogger, not typepad)
Love your blog and your designs.


I'm following all of you, thanks for the giveaway!


Cheryl , I forgot to mention I am a follower of your blog as well as the gum tree blog Thanks


Hi Cheryl,
I would love to win your beautiful gifts , what a treasure !

Marie Sagers

OK I do not have a blog but I have become a follower to your blog and the Gum Tree blog. This is a stunning discovery! I am just beginning to dip my toes into the embroidery pool and this huge collection of talent is overwelming ( in a very good way!)
I cannot wait to have a few minutes to go through all those blogs!

Chris Keppel

Hi Cheryl,
I believe the final thing I needed to do was be a follower of GumTree, which I'm also doing, so that should get me my last entry.
I love what you're giving away! Please, please, please, let it be me! I need something wonderful to happen in my life!

Chris Keppel

Hi Cheryl,
I'm also a follower of your blog, which I love, by the way, that should get me another entry, right?

Jytte Rasmussen

Hi Cheryl, I am already a follower of Among the Gum Trees and look very much forward to see the first Christmas design on the 5th Octobre.
[email protected]
hugs Jytte

Tina McIntosh

Fantastic idea with a joint blog. Congratulations. I have added the button to my blog but am having trouble becoming a follower of individual blog spots. I am a follower of the main blog. Perhaps another cup of coffee and a bit more reading will enable me to find the button.

Ruth B

Hi Cheryl, Love this idea and just finished all my assignments. Added the button to my blog, became a follower of Gum Trees and became of follower of Willowberry. I was already a subscriber but now I'm a follower too! Let the fun begin!


I follow your, may I say - very beautiful blog
egateris at gmail dot com


I follow Among the Gum Trees
egateris at gmail dot com


I put Comtrees button in blog
egateris at gmail dot com

Linnea Back

Thank you for a great giveaway!
I have added Among the Gum Trees blog button on my blog and I am also a follower. I have signed up to be a follower of your blog :)

Ellice Orenshaw

I am not sure if I have already done this, but just in case I haven't, here I am. I am a follower of your blog, a follower of the gum trees blog and I have the gum trees button on my side bar.



1. Uploaded the button to my sidebar
2. Following you via bloglines and awaiting the code for confirmation of the notifixious tab to receive as well your updates over the email
3. became a follower for the Among the Gums trees blog (in blogger and also in Bloglines)

that makes three entries!! Thanks a lot for giving us this oportunity!!! You girls are great!

Debbie Mikesell

what a wonderful give-away. Thank you for being so generous. I've added your button to my blog and am one of your followers. I also
added the gumtree designers button and became a follower there as well.I am new to blogging so this was a wonderful learning experience for me to. Thank you so much


Hi Cheryl!! I´m Cecilia from Argentina.
I have done all three steps required to participate, I have posted the button on my sidebar and am a follower of Gum Tree Designs, I´m also a follower of your blog
I'm so excited about the Giveaway!!!!


I have attached your button to my side and bar and I am following the Among the Gum Tree blog.
Also following you lovely blog.

What Comes Next

this is fabulous! I love what you guys are doing! I've got the button and link active on my blog, and am a follower of both your blog and the new Among The Gum Trees one. Love your giveaway goodies!


Hi Cheryl, I Love your party cat! I have done all 3: Following here and there and added the button + link to my sidebar. Thanks for a very inspiring blog, and for offering this giveaway! Tine in Copenhagen


Norm, I already follow you mum's blog. Does that mean my name can go in the hat? ;0

I've only looked at the first 3 Gum Tree bloggers. I've now found new designers with wonderful blogs and I still have 6 more to read. Oy! I can get lost in all of this beauty! Lost, I say!

Norm....help me, I've fallen down the dark hole of Aussie blogs...help mmmmeeeee!


Hi Cheryl, I love your blog and follow you on bloglines.
I also follow among the gum trees on bloglines.
Thank You!
lindasf4 at yahoo dot com

Sharon Wynne

I did all the requirements & hope to win your lovely giveaways.
Love your blog, follow you as often as I can log on - pushing a house full of teens off the chair!!! Sharon W


Hi Cheryl, Sorry no blog but I am a folloer. Thanks for a lovely giveaway.
[email protected]


Finally I've managed to put the button on my blog. Would love to be a part of the big giveaway you all having :-D,
I'm also a follower of your blogg...

Delores Wall

Have done all three thing required. Please enter me in your giveaway. Love your site.


And.....needed to tell you that I am a follower fo the Gumtree Designers too.


Cheryl, I ahve also added the Gumtree Button and link on my blog


Hi Cheryl, love your work and your generosity. Thank you for both, and for the opportunity to win the lovely prize. I have become your follower


This is a wonderful idea...i look forward to seeing all of the lovely creations you ladies share :)
Please enter me in your giveaway...i have the link posted on my blog and have become a follower of the gum tree designers blog! You are all so generous...thank you for sharing!

Piroska Blanchette

I've also got the Gum Tree button on my Blogger sidebar.
pippirose59 at gmail dot com

Piroska Blanchette

Good grief! My previous post looks like an essay! LOL.
I follow the Gum Tree blog via Blogger.

Piroska Blanchette

I'm Piroska, from Thunder Bay, Ontario.
I'm a newbie quilter (though I've done all sorts of other needlework since I was little).
I've wanted to quilt for so long, but there's always been a barrier--dogs, kids, what-have-you. Now, I'm an empty-nester...no pets...and loads of time. No more excuses!! LOL.
I love your blog, and I'm now a follower.
(BTW--I follow the Blogger blogs with my blogger profile (pippirose59 at gmail dot com)


Thank you for a wonderful giveaway !
I've added Among Gum Trees button on my blog and following both yours and Gum Tree's blog :)
Wish me luck !!!!


What an awesome giveaway - PICK ME PICK ME!!! I love you guys. I added the button, followed your blog (have been already), and all the rest. Thanks!


I enjoyed reading your blog this morning. It is fall in still warm and humid North Carolina, USA.

I follow the Among the Gum Trees blog and have posted their button on my blog.

I follow you by email. Thanks!

Norm is a real party goer!


Hello Cheryl. I've done all three things to enter this wounderful giveaway. Now I'm crossing my fingers for some luck. Have a great weekend. Kind regards from Sweden


I have the Button on my sidebar, I follow you via Bloglines and I follow Among the Gum Tree via bloglines - all done!

3 entries please!

Hugs from Annelise in Denmark

Linda B.

Hi Cheryl, I am a follower of your blog, and a follower of Among the Gum Trees, what a great bunch of aussie designers,please put my name in pink bucket..thanks LindaB

p.s. I do not have blog yet

Healing Hearts Lori

I can't wait to see what you and your "nutty" friends have in store for us! The anticipation is building....
I don't have a blog but I am now following both your site (and the other nuts) and the gum tree blog as well.
Two entries for me.
Thanks so much!
Clearwater, FL


Hia Cheryl, phew I have a lot to catch up with you!

I've vaguely got my brain in gear and become a follower of Gum Tree, I already follow you on my side bar (see under stalking LOL) and I've just added the Gum Tree logo with a link to the site on my sidebar. Do check up on me in case I've done something daft- there's not enough coffee on the planet to get my brain around teckie stuff. LOL


HI Cheryl,
Done all I have to do so please: 3 entries to me:I am a follower of both blogs and have put the button on my.
Cheers, Simona

Ellen Olson-Sax

join you group of followers on your blog

[email protected]

Oregon, USA

Narelle Lucey

Dear Cheryl, Well i have done all 3 with great pleasure so that is 3 entries please. I would love to win as the needle book is something that i need as i have just started stitching.


I adore your designs and have already gotten one in the mail! I've signed up for your feed and the lovely gumnut one as well! It is so fun to follow such amazing designers!
Thanks, Mardeen

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