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January 04, 2010



Cheryl, Well...the smile on my face is even bigger than a few minutes ago. I had been looking on your Etsy for the Under the Sea patterns. I did NOT know they were free downloads. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I adore these patterns. I can't wait to get started...but I have to finish my 'Pin Pillows' first. So much talent and then to share your wonderful artwork with us...what can I say...more Hugs coming to you!


Bonjour,je viens de découvrir votre blog ,il est super !!
je n'avais jamais pensé mettre du crayon sur une broderie ,j'adore le rendu !
ce sont des crayons qui ne partent pas au lavage! quel genre de crayon ?
vos dessins de broderie traditionnelle sont extras!!
bonne journée

Stella Whittingham

Hi Cheryl,
I love all the blocks so far. just gorgeous.
By the way, a little birdie told me you may be a guest designer with sarah at Fabric Delights in adelaide next year? Please tell me it's true.....I will sign up as soon as I can, if you're going to be there.


Your BOM "under the sea" looks like a fun project. I hope to try some of these. I just started blogging a few days ago. FUN. I was wondering if there is a way for me to get the patterns for your "Verandah views".


Love love love the BOM!!! Its been soooooo long since I did any stitching that wasn't on a machine! I will have to pull out the needle and floss to see if I remember how to do this. Love the shading effects as well. What a simple technique to really make stitching pop!


just found your blog am very excited because my daughter and i love this design we have decided she can colour which she loves and i can sew which i love this will be our first project together thank you


Thanks for the lesson on color shading. I went to get some of the pencils and wondered if there's a reason you don't like the Inktense pencils but prefer the Watercolour ones.

Thanks too for your sharing of this BOM - the designs are so cute!

Elaine Susan Howard

Cheryl, I loved your other Verandah View designs, and block 1 & 2 of Under the Sea is just as wonderful, and I can't wait to begin them. Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful talent as a free download.

Karla from Ohio

Do you have to prewash the fabric before you use watercolor pencils on the fabric. Or does it really matter?

Elaine Barnes

Hi, My name is Elaine, I'm new at blogging and have been spending the last few days attempting to set up my blog page. I am enjoying all the creative that is around. I love Josephine. I am having some trouble downloading but I sure I will figure it out.


Thanks so much for your great BOM.


I am very happy that I finished the first block.
Because it's fun to add color embroidery.
Thank you very much for that idea and sharing.

Jan Eadie

Wow !I love this and will certainly be trying it out ,thankyou for the link too ,great, thanks for sharing ..love Jan PS can you tell Im excited lol xx

Angelina Lunenberg

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for the lovely stitchery pattern.
So cute. I will start at once, and first have to buy some background fabric.
She is sooooooooooo cute


Love it - so very cute.

Stella Whittingham

Hi Cheryl, Thank you so much for this BOM. Josephine is so incredibly gorgeous. I can't wait to get started.

Happy Room Diana

Just came across your BLOG and love the jelly fish, have to go buy Derwent pencils now and break my New Years promise not to start anything else!
Happy Room Diana

Sharon Griffith

Wow this is going to be wonderful. Need to get the colored pencils then I am ready...Thanks so much, looking forward to it.


I loved your 2009 project and now the 2010 looks just precious. Thank you so much for sharing with us.


Got the pattern printed and went out to Hobby Lobby and and the pencils. Have to get some fabric yet. Thanks for the interesting BOM.

[email protected]


Thank you Cheryl- it is adorable!

Faye S.

Cheryl, many thanks for this wonderful FREE pattern and sharing it with many others in the cyber world of stitcheries... Look forward to downloading the others in the set. Hope there will be a seahorse as well... LOL!!!
cheers - FDS


If only the real jellyfish were this cute, I'd swim with them happily....
might have to give this bom a go, I love Derwent pencils, now I have a reason to buy the watercolour set.....

Helen Murti

Thank you. She is so sweet!! I've been collecting some ocean-going craft projects(felt fish magnets and mobiles) to add to my new underwater themed playroom. This will be a pefect addition. I love the way you write your tutorials ... yawn ... just as though you were speaking to us. :)


Such a cute new BOM & I will get to try something new with the color pencils.
I see the ladies have been coming up with some great ideas for your signoff! :0}
I'm off to pick out some fabrics.

My 1st Bambina !

She is such a cute jellyfish ! Thanks !!!
The tutorial is great... I've being wanting to try this technique on your pattern "Primrose and Passion" published in Creating Country Threads Stitchery magazine.
So I guess tomorrow I will get me some watercolor pencils ;-) !


Thank you very much!! It's so nice!!! Happy New Year to you too!!!


Oh Cheryl this is so sweet!!!! I'm loving this one, I adore the sea-side. Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for this cute BOM, Cheryl.


Oh how cute is she?? Too cute!! I love her!!

Sylvie BG

Thanks a lot for this new bom, Cheryl ! I love it ! Josephine is so cute !

Sharon L F

Hi Cheryl,
Josephine is very cute. I have had a box of derwent artist pencils...will they be OK to use or aare they not soft enough?


Josephine looks so cute with her bow. I wonder if she will fall in love sometime over the next few months?

Will she fall in love with her 'own' kind or will she fall in love with a pirate??!! She always was a wild one.... ;0


I wasn't going to do this but who could resist this cute little Jelly Fish, not me! Thanks Cheryl for a really fun BOM. Annie


Thank you Cheryl. It is so cute - I am keen to gt started. Pencils and threads are ready


This is going to be so much fun...thanks so much Cheryl...


What else but " Octopuses Garden " How very 60's of me! Is so cute.


It is so cute !!! Thank a lot Cheryl, I 've never use colors in my stitching so it will be a great nex experience !!

I send you all my very best wishes for the new year


This is a cutie for sure. Looking forward to another great BOM from you.


This is just perfect as I live 1 street back from the ocean. That jellyfish is so cute.

Janet Kopecky

Thanks for the design. I have never colored in stitching, so this will be a new adventure. I love to stitch and I love new techniques, so this will be fun.


Cheryl: Thanks for sharing this block of the month with us! It's wonderful. I've done a little research this morning and have found the Derwent pencils at Michael's in the US. I'm off to Michael's to get my pencils, and have downloaded your pattern. I am hoping to start this afternoon.

Annelise Pedersen

Thankyou so much for this cute BOM. You realy are generous.

Looking forward to the next 9 stitcheries ;-)

Hugs from Denmark and a happy new year!



Josephine is absolutely darling! I have really been looking forward to this BOM! Thank you so much for your generosity!

Jenn Baker

Cheryl, Thanks so much for the info and tips on shading - I've been wanting to try this but needed a nudge in the right direction! I loved Verandah and I'll love this one, too. Thanks again so much for this gift!


What a cute little jelly-lady. I´m so looking forward to this BOM and am keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a seahorse and a mermaid - I know they live everywhere Under the Sea :)
How about "I´ll be Seaing You" as a signoff? OK, just be glad you don´t have to hear my jokes :)

Melanie Willows

What a little cutie Cheryl. The Derwent pencil factory is only just up the road in the Lake District.

Happy New Year.


Just as sweet as can be!! Thanks so much. I look forward to getting started right away! Oh, boy, a new project! -karen


Wow, this one is amazing! And I never understood anything of coloring fabric... I know my friend has a Derwent-kit, I think I have to go over for a cup of tea and 'borrow' some color in the same time! ;o)
Thanks for sharing!!!


Adorable Cheryl!!! Love it :o). Thanks so much for the tutorial too, I can't wait to give it a go ... I've got my Derwent Watercolours at the ready :o).
Now, how should you sign off??? Well in bubbles of course he he he.
Joy :o)

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