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May 17, 2010


Sue from Cyprus

Hi Cheryl

Congrats on reaching 300!... posts, I mean. I just love to visit blogs. Firstly, they are so interesting and so inpirational. Secondly, I feel I get to know the writer alittle, abit like visiting them and having a cuppa and thirdly, the tips and bom's that we all participate is next to none. A real family community... I love it. Thank you net and thank you Cheryl for allowing us to share abit of you!
Sue from Cyprus x x x


I love reading blogs because I get great inspiration from seeing what someone else has crafted. It gives me hope that maybe one day I will be as creative....


I Love to learn something new, either a tutorial or a link to a cool site or post.. I like to be surprised!

Thanks for the give away!

Quilter faye

Hi Cheryl, I love the inspirations and ideas Recieved in the blogs i visit. Sometimes there is a special something that pulls you back time and again. Its like visiting a friend that has moved away and yet you don't want to lose that bond. Too Mushy?!

darcey peters

I like looking at blogs because they're just soooo pretty. Eye candy for me! Oh, and by the way, I'm a Phoebe fan, too. I've been watching her for some time.


I love to prowl blogs - it is where I get my inspiration and drive to work on projects of my own...


I love being inspired by the things that other people make. Also, it's great to connect with people with common interests that you would never meet in real life. The world really is a small place.


I am new to patchwork and quilting so I am like a sponge, wanting to learn as much as I can from every place I visit.

Chriss Jasper

Congrats on the 300th! Does this make you very old? You age amazingly well.....see, this is why I love reading blogs, the sillier things get the bigger giggle one gets from it, and if they aren't fun and games, interesting and informative, and showing lots of lovely special arty crafty things, well, no one would look, would they??? So I'm looking at yours...
Thanks, Mrs Arabella Dewbosom.
You are nuts! and you ALWAYS make me giggle :) Where do those names come from Arabella?????? Do tell!
Cheryl xxx

Mary Jo Belk

I enjoy reading all kinds of blogs because of all I learn from all of the talented people out there! I love your designs and check your blog just about every day to see what's new.

Tammy J

I love to read blogs for the tips, techniques, tutorials and information. There is so much going on in the world. Thanks for your great blog.

Juliette Essen

You asked why I like reading bloggs? Well imagine this: a very busy life with 3 children, 4 cats, 1 husband and 1 job (besides being a mom and a housewife. Then I have 5 minutes to spare, so I take a cup of coffee and read your blog and I dream away, thinking of all the nice things I'm going to make. So it's inspiration and relaxation!!
xx Juliette from the Netherlands


Thanks for letting US share the beauty you've made! 300 posts WOW!


Inspiration, sharing of knowledge, tutorials, freebie patterns (easy on my pocketbook), living vicariously through other peoples life and family stories (I'm disabled and not able to get out much). And giveaways! Thank you so much for yours, and congratulations on your 300th post.


Hi Cheryl--Just stumbled across your blog from Needlework News...already have it bookmarked. It's really hard to find blogs dealing with embroidery, which is my main needlework interest, so I expect I'll be back.

What do I like about surfing the blogs? Discovering all the cool patterns and new stuff that my local needlework store doesn't carry because it focuses on counted cross stitch and needlepoint.

And congrats on your 300th post!

Carol S.

Lyn Smith

Love your patterns, this is a great giveaway.
I particularly love all the tutorials that the girls in blogland do. They are all very generous, & lets not forget all the wonderful giveaways there are out there.


Woohoo!!!! Congratulations :o)!!!!
Fabulous giveaway Cheryl ... aren't you a sweety :o)!!! Hmmm, what do I love about blogland??? Well, it just HAS to be the GAWJUS people I've met :o)!!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Liz Schaffner

Giveaways are one of the reasons I love to prowl other blogs..LOL
Actually I love getting new ideas, reading about other peoples lives, being inspired, motived...just wasting the morning away... anything to get out of doing my housework.
Happy 300th Post!
P.S: Are Cosmos really that good...maybe I will have to give them a try?


I think that one of my favorite things about reading blogs has been all the inspiration out there. Unfortunately, it has been very bad on my wallet, as I've been a little TOO inspired to try so many different things! I love it though.

Sandi M

Many congrats on your 300th post and the chance to win the great give away. Having recently discovered quilting blogs I am always amazed at the inspiring creativity that I find and the bloggers generosity in sharing their ideas.

Bev C

Hello Cheryl,congratulations on 300 posts. Love looking at quilty arty crafty garden things. Everyone's blog provides inspiration and gives you that nudge to try something new and different.
Happy days.

Kelly Stockstill

I love reading all the different blogs. It's so neat to read about people's thoughts and feelings instead of just the end product. I have learned so much since I started reading blogs, tips and tricks, and mostly inspiration. Thanks for all you do!
Please enter me in the giveaway!


Congrats on your 300th blogpost. It's fun reading your posts - love your sense of humour. I read quilting blogs first of all because of the inspiration they give me. Finding a great tutorial is also fun and giveaways are amazing. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your patterns.

Margie Crewse

Have been reading your blog since just before you came out with your pattern of "Verandah Views". I see you found Phoebe also. The babies are growing so fast. Everyday I seam to learn some little something by reading blogs, even at my 67 years. Now I just need to remember what I read!!!


What I like about blogs is the inspiration and tips I get there. Unpayable. Quilters are such artful people. And very, very, kind. They share their work with others, so everybody can get inspired to make their own. They share tips and trics, so you can avoid the mistakes you made before. There is no other word than GREAT.


There are many things I like about blogs. Most I go to are quilt related, so there are patterns and blocks and ideas and helps and online "shows" that are all wonderful. Getting sneak peeks at new products and reviews of products as well as freebies are fabulous too. I also love getting a glimpse into the lives of people and where they live, their family, what's going on. Not being able to get out to physically be with people much as I take care of my mom, it is my lifeline to people and friends.


I am reading a lots of blogs every day for inspiration and fun!
Concratulations with your 300 posts. I have been a follower of your blog for a long time, because I love yours designs.
Hugs from Denmark.


The best thing about prowling around blogs is that they can be so inspiring and some of the tutorials and freebies you find are fantastic!... not to mention giveaways!


Congrats on 300!
I love the inspiration and everyone is really generous with giveaways and tutorials etc!
I don't know what I was doing a year ago when I hadn't yet discovered blogland!


I actually "stumbled" upon your blog from someone else's list of blogs. I absolutely love the fabrics in your pics - super colours! I'm excited to see your stitchery when it's finished. I am also interested to know what hit counter you are using? Happy 300!

Ruth B

I love everything about quilting blogs. Inspirational quilts, funny stories, pictures of family, and just sharing in the lives of others who share my interest in all things quilting. Finding a great tutorial is fun and giveaways are amazing. All good fun. I love Cosmo threads too!

Julz at Simple Stitches

congrats on 300 posts that definitely are not dribble!
Love the generosity also of bloggers, but also the inspiration for trying new ideas, or just getting a different point of view....
thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway.
cheers Julz


Wow Cheryl, congrats on 300 posts. I just love the friendship I get from the bloggers who's blogs I browse. I feel part of a bigger family and they are always encouraging,positive and inspirational, never negative or condemning of us like true life can be. They are my angels.
hugs Deb.
P.S I know you have told us before but what do you use for your colours on your designs?


I love the generosity of so many designers and bloggers out there, to share their experiences and creativity... it's lovely, but mindboggling!

Debbie B

I love reading all the different blogs - like finding new friends all the time. Love all the inspiration and the giveaways too. Even though I haven't ever won anything.


I just the peronalities of all the blogs. They are all so different and interesting. There is always so much inspiration and encouragement to give it a go. Especially the Blog-alongs :-) Love your playing with Cosmas threads. The holly of Christmas treats looks wonderful.

Kathleen WaltenspielCook

Love finding inspiration. Even if it mean to print up now and work on later when my kids have activities that will need me to remain in a place longer than an hour.
Thanks for the chance at the give away, congrats.



Congrats on post #300--your posts are always delightful--so there!!! May the next 300 be as informative and delightful as the first 300!!! I LOVE cosmo threads too and I live in the USA--can't get enough of them!!!
Hugs, Di

Paulette Doyle

LOVE the give away!! I love to visit the different blogs for inspiration and the tutorials and to see new tools and new fabric and...the list is endless....just keep it coming!! Take care and thanks again...here's to the next 300!!


Looks interesting and promises to be beautiful cheryl, as always. I will tell my blogging friends about your giveaway right away
thank you for your generosity

Bec Clarke

What a great haul. Thanks for having a giveaway.
I love the generosity of bloggers, not just the tutorials and patterns but the sharing of life experience.

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