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May 31, 2010



3 words: GPS(global positioning satellite). It will change your world for the better. You will feel that anything is possible! You will become smug and DARE people to let you navigate! ;0

Needless to say my Garmen changed my life! AND, you can CHOOSE the voice!! I chose the Aussie woman! I think her name is Karen??!! I just call her sweetie! ;0

My funny little man is Honey. My GPS is Sweetie....I'm in love with them both! ;0


What a fun day out!!! I've been to that Antique shop too, isn't it just huge!!! A treasure in every corner ;o). Your plate was such a fabulous find ... who'd have thought it!?!!
Love your prety quilts Cheryl, you have been a busy quilter!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)


Lucky you to have such a gorgeous Funny Little man who is prepared to go somehwere just for the sake of it! Sigh . .
And how great to get that special plate.


You just never more what might pop up - but the key is just getting out there in the first place! Hope you have many more lovely days just like that one!

paulette doyle

See you got lost for a reason!! You were meant to find that plate!! Love the story!


That's one of my favorite things to do, get in the car and explore little side lanes to nowhere - our family calls them "mystery trips", cuz where we end up is a mystery. What a treasure you found, that plate looks right at home there!
Lovely quilting, Cheryl!


How fun to have come upon the Hillingdon treasure! I would have snatched it up, just as you did. That I am aware of, here in the US we don't name our homes. I think it's a charming notion. Do you know how or why the the idea of house-naming originated?


What a great treasure to find on such an interesting and fun adventure! Sounds like a wonderful day out.


It appears you had a lovely day, and what a treasure you found. Sounds like you found a treasure in your Funny Little Man, too!! ~karen

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