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May 18, 2010


Stella Whittingham

Cheryl, that is totally awesome. Congratulations, girl.

Quilter faye

Congratulations Cheryl for your inclusion in Quilters Newsletter. I rushed out to buy a copy but was very disappointed to see someone else given credit for your "Verandah Views"! How can that happen? Its not right! Would it help if I complained to the magazine? I will if you think it would help. I Love your patterns. You are so talented.


Well done Penny...... I just love that wall hanging it is so cute.

Hugs - Fee XX


Hi - It's SHAZ!!
Thanks for the tip Ina...Cheryl is a bit of a tricker..so I am just playing along - congratulating Cheryl and telling her she is very clever and fabulous for graduating onto the world wide scene of craft and stiching...Joy - hang back...You may borrow the mag when I'm finished!! ;)


Woohoo! Congratulations! It's always great to see the mailman with a parcel, but this was an EXTRA special delivery! Glad to hear it and here's to more notice in magazine! Cheers!


Congratulations Cheryl! They sell that one at my local newsagent - will have to check it out in person!


Psst, PSSST, Shaz...S*H*A*Z!! Yes, Shaz, I'm calling you! Shesh! The 2nd magazine IS for you. Cheryl is just trying to throw you off the scent.... ;0

Linda Hungerford

I'm so glad your copies arrived so you can see the article for yourself. It turned out great! You're so talented!


I will be watching out for my own copy too.
Great Presentation :-)
Love the Cover too.


Congrats! I'll be looking for that edition. :)


Sooooo .... if it's not Shaz's does that mean that spare one is mine LOL??????
Congratulations to you dear Cheryl!!! How very spesh :o) .... you're such a clever stitcher!!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)


Wooooooohooooooo - congratulations!!!!!!! I still haven't found it but I'm looking!


Congratulations Cheryl! Will have to see if I can pick up a copy somewhere here in Aus.

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