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May 20, 2010


Jytte R

I know I am late to say thank you so much for this fantastic block. I was in Spain for 3 weeks holiday and am a little behind everything. I do not understand you write she is Danish. Cannot find anything on the internet about this seahorse to be Danish.
I have finished the 5th block so I will catch up before you post the 7th block.
Thank you Jytte R - Denmark

Hi Jytte... 'Sorena' is named after the Danish Grandmother of my dear friend Shirley.
thank you for asking, Cheryl xx

Shirley Thompson

Hi Cheryl, you have certainly done a beautiful old danish lady justice, Sorina looks every bit a princess. Well done. Cheers, Shirley.

Anne Ellis

Love the look on Sorena's face so smug. Perhaps it is because she has managed to get the boys to look after the babies and she has time for herself. Thanks again Cheryl for these lovely designs I love having something that can be finished so easily and be so lovely to look at.



Gracias por este hermoso Caballito de Mar.


Sweet!!! Thanks!

Quilter faye

Cheryl, she's beutiful and I agree very regal. The men of the sea certainly will be lining up to win her favor.
She's a real princess1

Chriss Jasper

How beautiful she is! Do you have one of those things that look like lace waving when they are swimming? Don't know what they are called but they are so amazing. Had an email returned today, have you changed your address? Cup cakes......need I say more?


Sorena looks so regal with her crown...and of course she still has her figure because the MEN have the babies in her species! ;0


Cheryl she's GORGEOUS - the prettiest seahorse in the sea! Look at those lashes! I think Octavius must be her friend, the octopus....thank you so much for Sorena!


Thanks for sharing a new lovely stitchery. I have fallen a bit behind, but hope to finish last months motif soon. Then I can start on this beauty.


I think Sorena has to be on the bottom line too. Together with the seasnake and maybe the starfish too. Don't you think?
Thanks for the pattern, I will show it on my blog when it's ready.
Thanks Birgitte :) I'll look at the layout when all of the
blocks are finished.... I'd like to mix up the aspects a bit.
Let us know when you've posted your pics, we'd love to
see them:)
Cheryl xx

Debbie Campbell

Sorena is just gorgeous but I'm liking the little crab on the bottom right hand side. Does he have a name? Being a crab myself I am a bit partial to the little creatures. Just wonderful!!!!!!!!!
ha ha ha Debbie, I hope you're referring to your starsign!! The little guy on the right is Harry Hermit Crab :)
Cheryl xx


Thanks Cheryl for a new lovely stitchery.
It´s fine you keep us engaged :-))

Enjoy your day!

Kram Gudrun

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