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June 03, 2010



Cute block holder - funny how making things to hold our projects in can be as much fun as working on the project!


This is such a sweet idea. I just dug all my stitcheries out of a basket and put them on my walls with straight pins. At least I can look at them till I figure out how to use them :)

Chriss Jasper

So now I kniow what you have been up to - but that doesn't mean I shan't visit! Love the fabric and what you have done with it, wish I had time to make ten. Cutest little bird ever.


Ina, make sure you send me a photo of your quilt... the fabric is delicious!
and no, Phoebe isn't for Shaz although I'm sure she'll ask. Something like 'did you want me to take Phoebe home to put my Tail Feathers BOM in???'...
I'll see her later today for a chattee... that's a chat over coffee :)
Cheryl xx


I love Phoebe! Hey, I'm going to make a queen size quilt out of that same fabric! Probably won't get to start it until August but I get to see the lovely fabric in my sewing room everyday....it calls me everyday...it tries to lure me away from other things I should be doing....

You do the most beautiful work! Oh, did you make Phoebe for Shaz? ;0


Beautiful embroidery, beautiful fabrics, your blog feeds my soul Cheryl.
Enjoyed my trip over to 'Stash Manicure' will have to pop back to read more.


Hi Cheryl lovely project if only I had the time lol. WIll keep it for when we have finished all we have to do and I can get back to my mountain of BOM's


That is the cutest little bird ever!


Did you know that "Phoebe" is my very favourite name in the world????
Just love your block keeper you very clever thing :o). Now I'm off to check out your stash manicure tips :o)!!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)


Thats lovely Cheryl. The material is really sweet.
hugs Deb

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