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July 20, 2010



Oh Cheryl, you do cute, fresh and whimsy better than anyone! I love your smudgy flowers and Felicity is a sweetheart. Just love your designs!

Thank you for the update - told with beautiful photos - I felt like I was there with you... I'd be standing on FLM's other foot! LOL... nah, only kidding! I love the field... the one with the house... and the quilting room... and I Love those lakes! But most of all I so wish I could have joined with you and Joy to meet the ladies at Fresh Hope. You're a star x

Hanging of the quilts? Sounds great! I am so looking forward to getting stuck into some quilt making over the next year or so. :-) Can't wait to see all the showing off - and you are absolutely right - it is mandatory!!!

Hugs sweetie! Theresa xxxxxxxxxx


Welcome back...We've missed you - and haven't you been busy!! Those raspberry souffles look positively edible. Yum!! As for Miss Felicity - am looking forward to meeting her. How dainty and gorgeous....I'm not going to mention your trip to France...I'll just get too upset (unless you can see a way of me squeezing me in your suitcase??) I'll even forgo the souffles....please...................


Mmmmm ..... those souffles look delish ~ raspberries are my very favourite you know ;o).
We did have a lovely day with Mary, Karen, John and the Fresh Hope girls didn't we, really lovely - and it was great to see you again too :o)!!
Oh, and Felicity is GAWJUS ... I love your smudgy wriggly blossoms :o)!!
Big hugs,
Joy :o)


Rasberry souffles? I had no idea any such thing existed, and now I won't rest til I get one! Cheryl, I adore little Felicity, she is just perfection...and oh hon don't you just live in a beautiful place. I can't wait for your trip - I can well imagine the inspiration that's going to come home with you!


Dammit, I wanted to be the first! One has to be mighty slick around here.
Love your sweet little bird and flowers, very beautiful. Also that wonderful trip to France, and in the snow too, lucky girl. I can see sking, hot chocolate in front of the roaring fire, long walks and big warm snuggly sleeps -I want to come too. Imagine all the new ideas you will come home with for us - wonderful.


How wonderful being able to bring your holiday closer Cheryl, wahoo,so exciting.
The muffins should good, might have to bake today also now.
Love your wee bird, she is just the cutest.

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