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July 31, 2010



Oh, I do love those little heads popping up in the sub!! ;0


Oh my goodness they just get cuter, is that possible? I love this block Cheryl! Thank you!
Happy Birthday to your son! Wow, two guest rooms? I'd love to come visit if I wasn't so scared of crossing all that water. Someone needs to invent teleporters.
91 sleeps - oh my - as it gets closer, it might get harder to sleep, lol!


I love to snuggle your quilts.
Thanks for this 8th design. I almost finished number 7. Sorry am a bit behind. Busy times, holiday, rebuilding the utility room, etc. etc. But will try to finish it tonight.


Yes Please!!!! I'll come and visit :o)!!!
Love your new block ... now I can't get that song out of my head he he he.....
We all live in a ...........
Love n hugs,
Ethel xxx *mwah* xxxxx
PS ... 48 sleeps to go :oD!!!!!!

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