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October 02, 2010



Thanks for UNDER THE SEA! can't wait to see it finished

Laila L S

I have saved all patterns for under the sea, but not yet started. But some day.... when I am not too busy. I love you christmas table set, please put my name in the pink bucket.

Ruthie Peterburg

Thank you so much Cheryl for sharing your gorgeous pattern with us over the past months. I absolutely love your new Christmas pattern too. It's always a pleasure to look over your site and see what fun you've been up to.
Warm hugs,
[email protected]
[email protected]

Marilyn Duncan

Under the Sea is so beautiful Cheryl. Love the softness of it. Thank you for sharing it.
Love the White Christmas set.


I love your BOM and the christmas table topper ist cute. I'd love to win :-)


Love the Christmas Table set. Would like to make it myself. Love coming to your site...
[email protected]


How gorgeous! Glad to be back. Rachelee x


Love your White Christmas table topper. Love the red and white. I just started the Under the Sea blocks. I will finish it for my granddaughter who loves fishies. Thanks for the great patterns.


Nice touch with the Holly leaves.

Billie K

A great Christmas pattern.


I love the christmas table set. What a great giveaway.

Carrie P.

Under the Sea turned out so cute. Well done.
Love the new little pattern. I would love to be included in the giveaway.


Under the Sea is fabulous.
Thanks for the great giveaway too.


A nice simple pattern for the holidays. The added holly is just the right touch. And your right moving the Under the sea people around makes for a better set. When you get Part 2 of the borders figured out are you going to pdf them for us? I've been thinking of giving each block a little twist before setting them. haven't decided yet. Thanks for all your patterns.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

White Christmas is absolutely adorable! It would be so pretty on my table/hutch.


I love the way this quilt has turned out! I hate to say thought that I haven't even started it yet - still finishing up veranda views! Oh well.... I'll get there slowly :)
Lovely table runner too...


Love your sea creatures and christmas table set. And I love pink too!!! I see my name in the pink bucket! Thanks :)


Cheryl, I absolutely love the sashing fabric in your "Under the Sea", it is perfect. I can't wait to see the entire finished piece. And...Oh My Gosh! The "White Christmas" table set is GORGEOUS! Truly, just beautiful. I really need to get some Holiday things done. Okay, so to be eligible for the giveaway I have to leave my details....hmmmmmm...well, I'm 5'9", I weigh...well, never mind that. I'm ... well nevermind how old I am, let's just say older than dirt! Brown hair...well, white if I let it grow out, LOL. Can't think of any other details just now, OH...I wear a size 10 ladies shoe, does that help? LOL! Sorry, I'm in a silly, happy mood this morning. I actually get to go downstairs and sit at my sewing machine today! I might even turn it on! *wink* Yup, the doctor took the leash off and told me to go back to normal activity, finally. So after 3 1/2 months, I get to make some quilt blocks today. Hoping to get a couple of your adorable 'Pin Pillows' made too. Now, about the giveaway, if you don't do international on your giveaways, that's okay too. I just had to let you know how wonderful the new projects are. Have a wonderful day! Hugs... OH, and I have a question...is Miss Felicity Fine Feathers available yet? Soooo cute!


Thank you for the finishing directions. It's nice to see it all together and it's so adorable. Really like the new Christmas table set pattern too. You're so talented!

Chrissie Poole

Really love the way the under the sea quilt looks, and the Christmas table runners. Would like to have my name in the pink bucket


Love your table set and "under the sea"! Thanks for sharing the "under the sea" pattern with us!


under the sea is coming together so nicely, I didn't stitch along as I was already doing another bom, but I have saved the patterns. The new Christmas runner is so bright and cheery, congratulations on another lovely pattern.


What a delightful and fun quilt, Cheryl! Don't those sea critters play nicely together? As a whole they look as amazing as they do individually, lovely idea to keep the frame simple to showcase their characters!

Gorgeous new project too sweetheart! Love the candy cane stripe binding, and the fabrics are from one of my favourite ranges - traditional yet bright and trendy at the same time!

Catch you soon! Love and hugs!!! Theresa xxx


I love the pink bucket....it promises surprises and joy.


The Christmas pattern is very pretty. I hope my name is in the pink bucket.


I love the way you set your blocks. They truly tell a story. And the table set is beautiful. Thank you for the giveaway.
[email protected]


Truffles??!! Truffles??!! No WONDER why she got lost...everyone is swimming right and she's trying to go left! Who WOULDN"T get confused and lost?! Poor little sea creature. ;0

How did you find the strength to cut into your Flour Sugar fabric? It killed me to cut into mine...I was only able to do it because it was a quilt for best girlfriend. ;0 Anyway, I LOVE the placemats! So pretty. I love the table runner...so pretty. Put my name in the bucket, please. Hopefully, Truffles will draw my name from the pink bucket!


I just love the Under The Sea series......I'll do mine like yours I think.....too cute!!
Love the new set.....I absolutely LOVE roses too! HOpe I win!!
hugs, Terri

Ruth B

I am so happy to see how under the sea all comes together. I love this project! The new pattern looks wonderful too. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us Cheryl!

Robin Crittenden

I love the under the sea, you did a great job!


Cheryl this is the perfect setting, it showcases the blocks without overpowering them - it just frames them. This is how I'll do mine too.
I LOVE White Christmas - when I hear those words, I think of Bing Crosby and the movie and song, and this pattern would fit perfectly in the Inn. Too gorgeous, Cheryl!

Leah M.

I have enjoyed watching the progress of these undersea critters. Such fun to see them all together.


I must hurry up to finish the stitching blocks.
Already Christmas preparations, I love the roses for the sets. That makes it very friendly.


I've finished stitching all the Under the Sea BOMs, so I'm ready to take the plunge (hee, hee) to finish this little quilt. I'll have a good play with the arrangement and share the progress on my blog. As always, I appreciate your instructions!

And thanks too for the chance to win your giveaway. You're quite generous!


Wow, Cheryl, they look so wonderful altogether! I'm saving the task of stitching mine for the long, cold winter! Thanks a bunch, karen


I also have to finish up some other projects before starting this one, but I have saved all of the instructions and look forward to making this adorable quilt. Thank you for generously sharing with all of us!


Oh, I would like to win this beautiful pattern! Thanks for the opportunity!


I like tis tablerunner and placemats. I love the collors. They are a little bit diferent and that is what I like.


I love the fabrics that you have used in the tablerunner and placemat set, they say Christmas without being overly "Christmassy". Thanks for the very generous giveaway, please add me in.

Lyn Smith

Love your bubbles on the first sashing, it is in keeping and has made me rethink my fabric choice. Also really like the table runner design, as I was going to make some (table runners) for overseas friends (for Christmas presents) out of some red waratah material I have just bought So please include me in your pink bucket and once again many thanks.

Jytte R

I have saved part 1 for assembling 'Under the Sea'. Thank you.
And I love the red colour in your Christmas Set. More bright than colours usually used for Christmas.
Please count me in your giveaway.


Hi Cheryl,

Your Under the Sea Quilt is looking great.



Love the Christmas runner & placemats - quick & easy for Christmas which is coming - all too quickly again!

Cheryl Forward

Love the white christmas table toppers and of course their very red which is the best colour!!!! Thanks for giveaway please put my name in the PINK bucket thanks! Cheryl


I have yet to start on my underwater adventure but I've saved them for RON so I can start working on them over my Christmas break.Love how you've set out the blocks :) Barb.

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