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January 14, 2011



Hello Debbie, allright, I concede, as I have top bid on two other things as well. I would probably have given most of it away to other people anyway, and some back to Cheryl, as it looks great in her house. Good on you, and now I shall just have to make those pin pillows for myself!

Debbie Campbell

Sorry Chriss but I have worked a little harder this last week and would like to increase the bid to $145. After all, it is going to a great cause. And they will look great in our new home (just don't let my husband know about this!)

Erika de Niet

What a very nice package. I haven't the money to overbid, but a very good initiative. Bless you folks.

Debbie Campbell

I am just trying to find some piggy banks to rob - taking me a while but I'm still trying. My grandsons might be good for a loan. We still have till the 24th don't we?


Hello Barb, I just know a quality product when I see it! And I also love the pin pillows, althou I will probably give them away as gifts. Possibly some will go to the people who have lost their sewing stuff in the flood. But I will just have to hold them in my hot little hand ofr a day or so first.....

Barb Brainard

Chriss & Debbie, you girls are too rich for my pockets!! WTG on the bidding war! Wish I knew either of you to pool resources with. I'm simply in love with the pin pillows! Tho any of the other items wouldn't hurt my feelings either.

Cheryl, what a wonderful package to benefit the QLD flood victims. So tickled to find your site. However, I've noticed in your ETSY store that the Friendship pin pillow is missing. Is it still available? It's my favorite & I'd love to make it for my best friend.

Thanks so much Barb :) The 'Friendship' pin pillow is included as a bonus with the original pattern, however check your emails... a little gift from me
Cheryl x


My new bid hasn't gone on. Whats a girl to do? My new bid is $140. Help!!!


Oh no !! The cat will have to starve now, $140!!! Please please please don't let Debbie read this!

Debbie Campbell

Sorry Chriss! But I too love these little treasures so I am going to have to bid $135.


Whoo hoo! It might be mine, it might be mine!!! How selfish am I? I do promise to give some away thou.....but only after I have fondled and caressed them all!


Oh no!! I have been outbid by Debbie! I guess I shall just have to suck in my guts and use the food budget to raise it to $130.

Back again Chriss!! Wonderful.. :)
Thank you!
Cheryl xx

Debbie Campbell

I bid $120 - I love these things. Thanks. debbiecampbell11@hotmail.com

Oh Debbie, thank you so much :) These would look just gorgeous in your lovely new home....
Cheryl xx

Chriss Jasper

My bid is $100. I have seen these and they are sublime.

Thanks Chriss :) Thank you for your bid and thank you for the lovely message,
Cheryl xx


Oh Cheryl what a glorious package.

Thanks Allie :) Made even more lovely with your sweet embroidery design 'Birdcage'...
Cheryl xx


Simply beautiful! $75

Thank you Jessica! I do appreciate your bid and your message,
Cheryl xx

Yvonne Benson

i'll open with a bid of $50 which I am sure will be quickly out bid. Thanks for generousity for fellow Australians.

thank you so much Yvonne!
Cheryl xx

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