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May 05, 2011


Agata Renfrew

Is this your new house? Gosh! It's gorgeous! Yes, silly stuff can make your days gloomy. But keep yourselves uplifted by letting the positive vibes IN! I'm glad that you're one of the few people who are very optimistic and high-spirited! <3


Cheryl, why don't you keep it real by telling me who the trouble maker is...I would LOVE to send her an email....you know, just keeping it 'real'!! ;0

I love your blog....anything you want to share just go for it...it's your blog and it reflects you. BTW, if Shaz gets mad at you, can I fill in as new best friend??! Just kidding, Shaz! There's no replacing you...you lovely Aussie girl!

Marion Marshall

Everyday there is " a little ray of sunshine ",-maybe it's hiding behind a cloud but it is there, we just have to look a little harder.
Cheryl, keep the beams shining through ,even though the weather maybe turbulent....
With Angel Blessings, Marion

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies

Hey Cheryl! I pop in to visit you often, just don't often leave comments ... (Oops! Annoying dots! Tee! Hee! Hee!) I'm usually squeezing a few blog visits between jobs and don't have too much time ... BUT ... why do people feel obliged to share negative stuff??? If they don't like to read what you're blogging about ... you're not twisting their arm to make them! I really think it takes more energy to be negative than positive, so you just keep on being a 'chardy glass half full' kind of gal ... there are a few of us out there! Tee! Hee! Hee! Bear Hugs! KRIS
PS... the quilt drop off was AMAZING!! :0) BH! KRIS


Hello gorgeous!!

Oh drat sweetie, I was looking forward to a bit of 'plaster of paris'.... we all love a bit of provincial sweetie! Ooh - another idea - a bandaged finger featuring appique birds? Bit of button-hole stitch around edges perhaps? The possibilities are endless!!!!

Love your blog sweetie, and love you too!

Catch you round like a rissole (just make sure it isn't burnt, sweetie!) Ha!

Vikki xoxo :-)


Yay Cheryl, you must be doing it right cos I am reading it after all these years, never find it boring and repetitious, love your style and wit. Photos too. I am a glass half full person and can't be bothered with the doomy gloomy ones. And I just love.......use them prolifically myself. Its your blog and you can write what you want to.....

Vicki ♥

Oh Cheryl.....I dont know what is happening but I feel bad as my comments arent getting thru .....I did comment and said I enjoyed reading your post and its nice to read happy nice things.
Hope its a glitch and it can be fixed.


As someone mentioned, it's your blog to do with as you wish! Frankly, I don't want to hear all gloom and doom - not why I read blogs. Sometimes, someone will mention why they've been MIA and it might be a sad situation but those that dwell on every little bad thing ... I have enough of my own, thanks.

I love reading your blog - it's as real as I like it! I walk away smiling!


It's your blog! Do what you want! That was a pretty nervy email. sshh

Ruth K.

Gee! as if life was not already depressing as it is. I'm glad that there is people like like you who show us the "good side of the coin" if a want it to read ugly stuff; I'll put the news on on t.v. Keep up the good work, I'm happy when I see people enjoying life. I don't know why would somebody want to look at our downfalls, like we don't have any of our own, why would we want some more? Than you for all of your cheerfulness.


I love your blog and your designs!!!! Keep your blog just the way it is.


Go for it Cheryl, your blog is great and I love reading about all your projects whether they be craft, garden, house, baking or whatever!!


I do enjoy your blog, and have always known that in your life, like the rest of us "some rain must fall". Thanks for your cheerful attitude...It lifts my spirits :o)
Instead of enving your perfectly lovely life, I choose to try to learn your perfectly lovely outlook on life.


You're kidding, right? What gall that person had. They're out there, though, I know. I had to explain to someone the other day that I choose to see the glass half full and she just looked at me like I had two heads. Some people just don't get it. Some people just arent' happy unless they are 'stirring things up'. If your blog is too upbeat, she doesn't have to read it anymore.


Gosh some people have a cheek don't they. I love your blog as you know Cheryl. Thats the thing with blogs, its a personal thing and people say what they feel they want too, not what others want to hear. Its a form of diary and you can put in whatever you want. Life is all about choice.... enjoy it or deal with it I say.

Lyn Smith

Don't comment very often, but I felt that positive thoughts/comments always help balance the negative that can come our way occasionally. I visit four blogs when I get the chance, yours is always first because of the upbeat way you look at things. It is alway a joy to know that I will come away feeling good and often with a smile at your doings. Please keep doing what you have alway done, it is very much appreciated.


Cool... Love this post... Especially the picture of Shaz!! Hey wait - That's me!!! with the flower on her head!! A reminder of a fun High Tea..and one of the only times in my life I wore a 'Fascinator' (fancy hat) on my head!! (Now I know why...) Did I mention I LOVE dot dot dots...???...

Chrissie Poole

I totally agree with your sentiments and from the comments see that others do to. what a cheek, we all have 'stuff' but as you say its private in as much as why depress others, its a way of uplifting sometimes yukky times. anyway I like your blog and your lovely patterns, so you keep doing what you do:)

Debbie Campbell

You go girl! You and I both know about the 'not so good' stuff in our lives and it is so uplifting to read about good things and sometimes silly things and have a little giggle to ourselves. I just love it. Laughter is the best medicine. And thank you very much for being so honest and entertaining for those of us who keep coming back here.


Cheryl, I love your blog and always feel good when I read it. We all have our problems in life and it is good to read something uplifting. Angel hugs.


Great attitude! This is my first visit to your blog, but I'll be back.


Amen sister. "It's my blog and I'll do what I want" is my motto. Love your blog and really enjoy visiting. Thanks for not sharing the yucky stuff - got enough of that of my own... hope you have a fabulously 'rosy' day!


And a hearty amen, Cheryl - my blog is my happy place, I can crop out the bad and leave the good and that's the way I want to remember it! You go, girl!


I can't believe someone wrote that on your blog... I had someone say something similar to my face, and I have to say I was flabbergasted for a while. But I'm sorry, there is enough sadness in the world without me contributing more...Don't change Cheryl, you write what you want..
One of these days I am going to get the borders on my 'Under the Sea', and show you...


I think it all comes back to the idea that it is your blog and therefore it is your choice what you put into it. Keep doing it your way - it's great!


What a happy post! I love it! And I especially like the photo of the wisteria on the trellis. It looks so idyllic. (Sigh.) Now for some good "Downton Abbey."


We all have the "private" things of life and there is a reason that we call them private. I love your positive upbeat blogs. You bring smiles to our faces and help us to feel good about life. Keep it up. We all have a choice about how we view life and what comes our way ... I like your way. Thank you.

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