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November 03, 2011



Your mum would be thrilled to know her hankies are reincarnated.....How pretty...just love them

Willie Barton

I love hankies.. I have some of my Moms a well but not as many as you. Hope your weekend is filled with fun and laughter.


What a lovely idea!


Beautiful, beautiful hankies! Yes, your mum would be thrilled to know her hankies are reincarnated and traveling...that would make any of us happy. ;0

xo, me


Pete's the hanky man in this family.They've come in handy many a time when random children have needed help while on yard duty at work...head injuries, bleeding noses, ice packs...question is - do we want the hankies back??
Gorgeous bird :)

PS. I'm a tissue girl myself, but love beautiful hankies just 'cause...

Chriss Jasper

Hello there Cheryl, beautiful bird, fabulous idea. She will love it. I am a hankie girl...always had one up my sleeve as a child and have heaps now.

Vickie Collier

aww that is so special,well done,cheers Vickie


What a lovely way to recycle something you want to keep - but not just sitting in a box


I think the Love Dove is beautiful and I know your mum would smile at what you have created. Me? I'm a tissue girl and the only handkerchief that I own is the one my mum gave me on my wedding day - special.


Hi Cheryl, What a gorgeous array of hankies. I must admit to being a bit of a hanky girl. I know they are totally impractical but I feel that I was deemed to have been born in the error of bustles and lace hankies etc. Actually I really just dream of the small waists the women had in those days. I have got all of Nan's and Mum's hankies and I want to make something with them but don't want to use them just like a favourite fabric.
Have a wonderful break with your sister and family. Soak up the sun and relax.
Love ya heaps.
xoxoxo <3


Muy lindos los pañuelos de tu mamá, y la paloma es hermosa.

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