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December 09, 2011


Tammy Bowser

Summertime for me is lounging on the deck with my Nook, or stitching on the swing. We are in winter here, so I curl up by the fireplace, and pretend. :)


What lovely things you shown us ,a nd that for the end of 2011. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a New and Healty and Creative start for 2012 . May all your dreams and projects come through. I sign in for your give way , ! and wihes all the candidates luck!. Carine from Bruges ( patchworkstar.blogspot.com


Those summertime colours are lovely. They look cooler than it is here in summertime. The best part is all the lovely fruits we get to buy round Christmas time. Merry Christmas!!


spending time with family swimming , fishing ,bush walking or just talking these are the things that make my summertime happy thank you for thr chance to be in thr giveaway
hugs Beth


I love summer after the continual rain and wind of winter. Looks like this summer will be spent doing lots of hospital visits in the city so will really need to make a couple of glasses covers as well a phone cover.


Summer is about holidays, enjoying the longer days that twilight brings, catching up with family over Christmas..would love to say warmer weather but we can have warm one day cold the next here!

Darlene Jastrzebski

Please add me to your list. I love summer... riding bikes, sun tea, lemonade, parades, bird watching, and playing with the dogs outside...
Darlene in mi


For hot, humid North Carolina, air conditioning is my favorite summertime treat. The older I get the more the heat bothers me.LoL Thanks for this wonderful opportunity and giveaway. Judy C in NC


Summer is the smell of steam coming off hot bitumen after an afternoon storm.....it is an unforgetable memory for me!


Summer time is....
sitting by the pool, sun on my face and a margarita in my hand.


Summer...here is winter and I love summer time .
congratulations on be in the magazines,must be excited.

Greetings from Spain!!

Anna Hanks

summertime is wonderful here. We have several beaches within 10 minutes of our home. I will say, I prefer to stay in the AC and sew if I am not at the beach.


A bit strange thinking about summer in the middle of the norwegian winter, but, ok, I'l try: For me a perfect summerday is sun (without getting burnt), a swim, some icecream and a meal with family and friends in the evening.


Compliments.Is all beautiful


What gorgeous patterns Cheryl (as always). I can't wait for my copy of Homespun to pop its way into my letter box, it will be like a christmas gift all in itself with those patterns inside!


Just thinking of summertime makes me happy right now as it is sooooooo cold here today. But I guess my favorite past time during the summer is sitting in my outdoor swing by the rose bed chatting with friends and family in the late afternoon/early evening. Love the little gift set and would be thrilled to win.


I love anything to do with summer, eating ice cream to sitting on the beach....



Oh Cheryl I just love your project, just picked up my copy and its absolutely gorgeous... might just have to whip one up for a friends summer B'day in January...been looking for a sunglasses case to make...
Hugs Dawn x x


Good summertime weather. I like to paddle in the ocean in my kayak, hike, and camp. If the weather is nice, my family joins me during their vacation times. That's the best!!


Summer to me is sitting around a table outside under the star with friends and family, lots of food on the table and a glass of something nice. Lots of talking and even more laughing!

Chriss Jasper

Summertime fav's - the gin and tonic on the veranda while watching the sun go down, and the cows walking past. Fresh bright stitcheries and fabric in my hands, relaxing and getting into the creating. Wonderful.




Hi Cheryl

Oh my summertime pleasure is water fights with my kids. it is a great way to break the humid sluggishness of Boxing Day & a good 'laugh' inducer for everyone. (It also waters the lawn just a little)


I love the sound of the cicada's - which I can hear now! And the smell after summer storms - which I can also smell now!

Jytte R

At summertime I like to be in our garden and sit on the terrace with my patchwork looking at all our beautiful flowers. When we go on holiday in summertime camping is the best; sitting outside the caravan looking at the scenery and reading a good book.

Margie Scott

Summertime...long lazy California days in the sun, fishing on the lake, warm evenings sitting on the front porch in the rocking chair & visiting with neighbors, peaches fresh from the tree, BBQ's and corn-on-the-cob. This has all made me very anxious for summer to get here. :-)


Summer time means I am on holidays. Where I work, we close for 4 weeks and its the only time it does that. Also its Christmas and my hubby's birthday.
Much to celebrate!


MMm mine would have to be eating a banana paddle pop while reading a book under the shade of a tree,catching all the drips before they hit the pages of my book :) Barb.


Es una epoca maravillosa porque los niños estan de vacaciones y podemos salir a pasear o ir al campo .
Saludos desde Chile


Janis T

With winter at the door I'm thinking of summer walks on the beach, fragrant flowers, lemonade and beach fires at night!

Frankie Ann

Sitting on the swing, needle in hand working on a sewing project or reading my Bible. The sounds of my granddaughters laughter as they run through sprinkler. The scent of lilacs floating on the breeze. The smells of freshly turned soil, rain on hot pavement, and newly cut grass. Watching the dragonflies hoover and dart over the lawn. Sitting out under the trees enjoying BBQ with family and friends.
I subscribe to Homespun Magazine and am looking forward to your pattern. Thank you for considering me for your drawing.

Linda H.

Summertime? Oh, it seems so long ago when you're facing a -8C temperature as we are in Iowa today. My favorite thing about summer is just being able to wear a skirt - going bare-legged! Tights, leggings and boots are simply a pain.

Thank you Cheryl for this lovely giveaway. Those fabrics are pretty.


My favorite summer activities are Canoing, camping and hiking. All things that remind me of my dad, wo died too young. Yesterday was his birthday, which I still celebrate in my heart!


I would love to enter your generous giveaway!
Here in the UK we're in winter mode not summer, but if it was midsummer I'd like to be on holiday in Ireland with my family! we missed it last summer because my husband was in hospital

Josie Passell

This looks so wonderful, here in the U.K. today we have freezing winds, snow showers or sleet. It is lovely to look at sunny times to come next year. I love the Australian magazines, such imaginative designs and yes, please enter me for the give-away.

Sue from Cyprus

I'm listening Cheryl, my dear!!!! It's so funny because we are suppose to be in winter round here, but you would never know it. The sun is shining brightly, not a cloud in the sky. Oops, hold on, what do I hear outside?? Rain, OMG Cheryl it's raining, so I suppose we are now officially in winter. Well, back to what summer means to me.... Summer means 9 months of HOT temperatures, I mean HOT.... 43 degrees in the shade. I am not a happy bunny in those temperatures, but, what makes me happy are my memories of when my sweet hearts were little. Long days spent at the beach making sandcastles with them. Indulging on an ice-cream or two, lots of ice-coffees and drinks, me in my bikini and long walks on the promenade with them. Those are sweet memories of summer for me. The other side of the coin is (unhappy).... combing out the tangles and sand from their hair, running with them to the beach toilets every minutes. And now? They have grown up and are doing their own thing and me?? can't get back into the bikini!!
Hugs xoxox


All the lovely stone fruit which we can only devour this time of year.

Jo in Tas

Cute project!! I love summer, I love to eat a salad on a hot day and love the smell of summer rain when it hits the hot bitumen. Shedding all those winter layers and getting some sun on my skin but not too much. I just wish summer in Tassie lasted a little bit longer!


Early morning walks on the beach walking along the waters edge.

Lyn   (Smith)

I absolutely love the summer months here on the south coast of NSW. The sun sparkles on the river, the french doors can be open all night. The wildlife is around all the time and BEST of all it is when we have visitors - FAMILY (kids, sister, brothers (sometimes), with their families), and usually friends come stay off and on for the rest of the summer. BBQs, evenings outside, I could keep going, but you get the idea.
Once again love your patterns, am a big fan. Hope you and yours have a great Christmas.


Summertime is all about having the doors and windows open, and enjoying fresh produce from the garden
Love this range of fabrics, so fresh


Gosh - do I get to be first? I love summer because of the beautiful weather(?) and holidays with the kids, fishing at the beach with the family and just being alive! I am going to have to go out and buy Homespun because my special friend is in it!


Summer homespun isn't already arrive in France ....I can't wait !
For us December is snow, ski, and hot chocolates ...


Fun to think of summer here on the other side of the globe where the winter is at it's worst: not properly snow, depressingly dark... I think it's the light and warmth that make summertime happy :)


I just got my copy of Homespun and had put a marker in this page as I loved the colours and the project. I have so many people I could make these for. I would love some fabric to get started.
Congratulations on the inclusion in the magazine.
I love Summertime as it is a time for us to go camping near the beach, spend time together as a family and spend lazy nights eating hot chips on the beach. BLISS.


Summer - growing up in a beachside suburb of Sydney - every day on the beach - covered in coconut oil (very naughty but we didn't know it then!)Nowadays - in Queensland - its the air con going full blast all day every day!
Wish my subscription copy would get here before I see it in the supermarkets!!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Summer is a whole day on the lake in the pontoon swimming, eating and visiting with family.


This issue looks great and sunny, I should get it for myself!



Lovely projects Cheryl! I will have to look out for that issue.

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