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January 13, 2012



I just found your button and came to see what you are planning. It looks wonderful and I would love to try to join in.

Katherine Hawkes

How very charming! Thank you for sharing such a precious 1st 'bit of French'. I can hardly wait!! Have a very blessed day!!


Yes please, I just love it, thankyou Cheryl. Cheers Kaylee

Jenny of Elefantz

Looking gawgus, Cheryl!


Looks beautiful and sounds very exciting indeed, I can't wait to see more.


Love it Cheryl,it looks so pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing all your ideas.


I do agree with everyone....this does look very exciting...

Stella Whittingham

Cheryl, Your work is beautiful, as always.


Oh Cheryl I'm drooling already - so lovely and fresh - I'm looking forward to it!


Cheryl I am so excited about your projects. Can't wait to join in. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I agree with Ina above, Ratty's butt seems to be able to fit into anything.


Eeeeeeeeeeeeppppppp! I'm in. Ratty's butt seems to fit into anything he sets it down in. Wish I could say the same about my butt. ;p

Can't wait to start!


Cheryl, it looks so enticing and I think it would be hard to resist. Thankyou for giving as a lovely peek at all the good things to come.

Chriss Jasper

Glad Ratty wasn't in that bowl earlier! Thanks for being so generous and sharing your beautiful creations with us. Off to search out some fine fabric...

Deb (NZ)

Cheryl I can't wait. What a big tease you are with all of those tempting tidbits. How exciting.
Merci bien pour votre générosité gentille à nous tous.

Chris K

Hi ...

from Chris in Wellington N.Z.

two of my all time favourite things ....

Lavender ...which I just love, love, love

and anything French ...so chic ...

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us all ...

thanks for sharing ... :)

kind regards

Chris N.Z.

Ruth B

Looks so pretty!!! I can't wait to get started!

Alice Ihnen

It's going to be gorgeous!!! Thanks for all your wonderful goodies you share with us!


Very wonderful looking... and sounding.

Hope Mitchner

I can't wait to see more!! It looks amazing :)


It looks absolutely spesh !! Love it :) Fee XX

Joy :o)

Looks absolutely GAWJUS!!!!! I can't wait to see the rest, love it Cheryl :o).
Love n Hugs,
Joy :o)

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