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January 16, 2012



Hi Cheryla, thanks so much for the giveaways and the projects. Can't wait to get started. Will have lots of gifts ready to go throughout the year. Yeah, I love being organised.


Tons of comments already! I guess this is a popular thing to giveaway. Count me in, too. I love the stitchery, and I've put this on my quiltbom.blogspot.com blog of stitching projects.


I love the idea of having a small finished gift ready to give away, as well as working on a larger project. Can't wait to get started. Thanks for this project.


Ooooh! Love it and YES put me in the pink bucket! Who's drawing? Ratty Boy? Hope so! ;p

Karen Muller

Lovely and I like the idea of makeing two and starting the present box Thanks

Deb (NZ)

Gorgeous and fun Cheryl. How wonderful. I have some lovely pink seeded muslin sitting there too waiting to have something done with it-tada, now it can.


This is going to be such a lovely project thank you for being so gracious! So glad I read to the end.

Michelle B

Maybe I'm being dumb and blind but where is the HTML code to go with the button? Am I missing something?

Lois Wagner

Thanks Cheryl for sharing your talent with us. I
love your work; I have lots of leftovers from other
projects!! Lois from Kansas USA

Michelle B

This sounds like so much fun! All I need is another BOM! NOT. I haven't even finished the 2011 ones LOL I'm not sure what seeded muslin is but will find out. Thanks for sharing this with us.


Cute. Quick. What else could a busy girl ask for. Thanks for this new adventure.

Linda Sterle

I love how girly this is and two projects a month! Thank you, Linda S

Carla Louise

I am so excited about your project. Lavender is my favorite plant!

Patsy Pirnat

This is my first time entering a giveaway. Fun fun fun. Patsy

jennifer thornton

love the project! nice and fast to make.


Hi Cheryl your work looks beautiful!
Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to make beautiful gifts for our famlies.
Regards Karyn in New Zealand

Loralynn Maresh

I love how romantic this project is looking! Great idea to show us a little project as well as working toward a larger project. I am looking forward to this sal very much!


Hi Cheryl,
This one sounds delightful--look forward tot he rest of them!


Can't wait to get started! Will have to share this project with my friends.
Heide / Escondido CA USA

Billie Kretzschmar

Your work is lovely.

Denise Aboushoushah

Thank you for another lovely project. Wish I could get Cosmo threads but only DMC available.

Janet S.

Great project, Cheryl. Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway.



This looks like the prettiest month by month project I have ever seen. Thanks for designing it. LMC

Hope Mitchner

I love this project. I will be following closely and I'm definitely glad I read to the end! ;)


The embroidery design is so yummy. I like the idea of having little gifts as well as the bigger project. Thank you so much for having the giveaway. The embroidery threads are so gorgeous.

Chriss Jasper

I really have a hankering for some of that Cosmo Marble thread....and will enter a giveaway to get it! Not that it is a hard ask to enter your giveaways, of course! Love your delicate stitiching, always beautiful.

Lyn Wise

Hi Cherly, Great Project, love making something in a day, its great to see something finished.
Enjoy reading your blog.


This is such a great idea - since we dont always have time in our creative space to make yet another quilt but we can still share in the journey.


Congratulations on a wonderful idea and a beautiful design :-) Please add my name to the pretty pink bucket ... No Sharon, I'm going to win :-)
Happy stitching, P


What a lovely pattern and a great idea. I am so looking forward to this pattern series.


Cheryl, what a fantastic idea! I have printed up the first design and looking forward to stitching it. Thankyou so very much for sharing it with us.


Please, but my name in the pink bucket.

Juliette Essen-Hartings

Hi Cheryl,
So nice of you to take us on this journey! I"m at my work right now, but feel like rushing home and starting this project.....


Hello!! I'm back!! And just in time by the look of things...Please put my name in the draw - I really NEED a beautiful project that looks achievable...
Here's hoping...


I like this project and the idea of hand made gifts is very good.


I have been breathlessly waiting for this since your first hint of your project plans for 2012, it is going to be lovely to make some softly pretty things.


I'm enthralled - I adore lavender and all things French, not to mention all things Willowberry, lol! Thank you Cheryl!!

Cheryl Forward

Looks like the perfect chance and the right one for me to start using those bits that I can't throw away coz they are tooo nice to throw away. thanks please put my name in the pink bucket. Thanks Cheryl

Laila Karlsmoen

Oh- What fun. I love this project.
Thank you for the great ide.
Hugs :-)


I love this project of yours!


ooh la la....and some!!!! Wow....I love it Cheryl!!! Can't wait to get started on it....so chic Madame!!!!! and 'Merci beaucoup' :)
X sugary hugs
Wendy :O)


Ooh la la! Thanks for the chance to win.


Love the patten just finished printing it now to go rumage for fabric and threads,thanks it's lovely :) Barb.


What a pretty project.... thanks for a lovely pattern.. printed and ready for tracing ...


Hi Cheryl !
Your project is lovely !!I'm glad you like Provence and lavander! I hope we can meet there one day !!Thank you for all your good ideas !


this is so darn pretty! I am very excited about joining up with you for 2012. Count me in!
Sharrie from Pennsylvania

Sue from Cyprus

Hi there Cheryl. Please put my name in the pink basket and take it right out when you do the draw!! I love the idea of making two of everything.... I love sharing!
Hugs, Sue from Cyprus x x x


Count, me in cheryl, the new project looks fabulous.


This looks like a delightful project. Can't wait to see how it all turns out


Yes please Cheryl, please count me in, I just love it, thankyou so much. Cheers Kaylee

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