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May 02, 2012


Chriss Jasper

Wail, cry , sob, heartbreaking hiccup, more sobbing,very loud nose blowing, that beautiful prize isn't mine! Ratty, you don't love me any more....I won't bring you any more little things to squeeze your butt into!
No, really, congrats Sharon, would love to see a photo of what you make.
I also love that pink on pink, and believe me, I am not a pink girl.
Hope you have something to deal with the sinus, I also get it and I know how debilitating it can be.
Be well, create, and show me!


I LOVE your stitchery !!! Very inspiring !!!
and Bravo for your quilt with perfect points !!

Illene Tiziani

Oh Yes I see the perfect point
Love the little pink bird
Thankyou for my prize from your last giveaway I love love love it


What a lovely surprise!! Imagine arriving home after a huge day: start - 5.45am and finish 6.15pm with a very busy schedule to complete,then have to cook tea (AND while it's baking)...put the computer on and check emails... to find I am a winner!!!

Thank you so much Cheryl! I shall await my parcel and really plan my creation - with style! Such a great surprise!


Beautiful quilt... etchings is a lovely range.... and I do love the pink on pink that you have done... lucky Sharon... lovely fabrics....


Wow!! that is a beautiful quilt! ;p


Pink...oh pink....*SWOON* Love that, Cheryl! And your quilt is just stunning, yes I noticed that perfect point, I'm incapable of those myself so I do notice, lol!


MOre beautiful things to share with us. Congrats Sharon. Sinus? Yuck! Have you tried the natural nasal spray FESS? It is just saline but helps a lot. I hope your nose and head clears soon. Angel hugs.


Oh my i love your blog Cheryl,lots of pretty things to see and make.Congrats to Sharon for her lovely win.I so love that Gail Pan stitchery,could i please ask where you got the pattern from as i couldnt find it on her site.Gee Cheryl do you think Bloss will share the pastry recipe with us that she used for that pie it looks so flaky and soft,thankyou for a lovely post oh and i did notice hoe perfect your points are.xx

Linda H.

Love seeing your doin's even though you certainly had to be valiant to post through a sinus thing. That pink linen and variegated pink Cosmo is a beautiful combination. You have excellent taste. And speaking of taste, that plate of goodness looks good enough to eat from the computer screen. Seems like anyone sick with a sinus thing gets to eat like a king!

Christine M

That pink stitching on the pink fabric is just beautiful. And that pie is making me hungry!

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