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May 23, 2012



anything with old keys or the Eiffel Tower! thanks!


Oh,how exciting!! A little french lace would be nice. Merci beaucoup for the chance. I always enjoy visiting your blog,

Patsy Pirnat

I would love to have my first French fabric and maybe some great thread too. I am really excited to see and use them. sewpatsy1

Lynn S

Toiles...beautiful French Toiles. I'm loving your "It's a bit French" series...your designs are beautiful!!!!

Carolyn M

Love surprises!!! Maybe find some French inspired lace,ribbons and buttons!? I'm sure it will be lovely :)

Illene Tiziani

Anything made by you or one of your patterns would be lovely

dagmar  noack

Ich liebe Überraschungen, vor allem wenn sie mit meinem Hobby zu tun haben.
Liebe Grüße


Maybe something French inspired pattern? That would be lovely. I like the French style, it gives me a cosy feeling.


I would love to see either a pattern by you or something made by you or even something french inspired,thankyou so much Cheryl this swap has been heaps of fun.xx

Mary on Lake Pulaski

I'd love to see some fabric selected by you, maybe some patterns and floss, a pin cushion and a sewing basket!


Those new mini charm packs are soooo adorable and would be fun to find. Thanks for a chance.


I love fabric, of course. I also love anything handmade by someone else. Thank you for sharing the A Little Bit French designs. I am a little behind but I hope to catch up soon and have thoroughly enjoyed the projects so far.

Joy :o)

Is it a pony???
Joy xxxx ;o)


A thimble pip, of course! The French themed fabrics sound wonderful as well. Thanks for offering such a fun give-a-way.


As I'm crazy about all concerning french items, I would like to see french themed fabrics, a stitching pattern in french words, little french tools like ribbons, buttons etc. and a very lovely smell of french lavender.
Hughs Gabi


French General charm pack with a side of choclate


I'm good with French fabric and chocolate.

Deb Heffner

I love surprises! Any kind of fabric, trim or patterns would thrill me. All of your things are lovely!


Some french fabric? or croissants? or a surprise! I was always told the best kind of prize was a surprise!

Karen ~ Briarside Lane

Well... since you revealed there WILL be some "yum French themed fabrics," what more could one want? Well, except maybe something you have made, too!

Oh, you didn't mention tickets... any plane tickets in that box? :-) I desperately need a "get-away," too.

Thanks for the May Mystery Give-away.


Personally I wouldn't mind what I saw.....just a parcel in the mailbox would be exciting enough for me.....thanks for the giveaway Cheryl...I'm sure you will have a very happy recipient regardless of whats inside!


Something beautiful you have made! A perfect gift for me!

Kim Dolan

I would love some things to make up some of your beautiful designs...I just LOVE SURPRISES!!!!

Thank you Kim


U la la I would love some french perfume. No, really, I would love one of the beautiful projects you have pictured would be great. Thanks


DANG! I really want a tiger! Okay, I would like one of those cool thimble pods. If I rec'd only that I would be very happy. Otherwise, I want a tiger! ;p

Lyn Smith

I love mysteries & surprises. Would love it to be something you'd made with a few extra bits & pieces. Anything would be [email protected]


How about odds and ends to make our own 'little bits of French'. Buttons, lace, ribbon, threads, bits of fabric to mix with mine would be a nice mystery package. Anything would be great and I can't sneak a peek and spoil the surprise.


A lovely surprise. I image pastel, floral and swirls and a touch of lace and beads.

Lee Barnett

I'd like to see some lovely fabric, floss, patterns, or anything of your choosing. I love surprises!! I have really like everything that I have seen you do. I can't wait for the next pattern to come out:)

Ruth B

What fun!!! The fabrics will be amazing I'm sure but I would love to find some Country Garden Threads in the box! I keep seeing them used by Aussie stitchers and they are so beautiful. Wish I could buy some in the USA!!


Hum ! hum ..... what could it be ??????? Certainly something you made and pattern and fabrics !! What else ???
Thanks for the game !!


Charm squares from French General, maybe Petite Odile. I live in France so they would be at home with me LOL.


Oooo... Don't you just love a good mystery! And this one is definitely a great one! I'm going to say anything related to your post "A Little Bit French Part 4" would be fabulous! Pretty pink and white fabric... Something to stitch... Oh the possibilities!! Thanks for the chance to win! :o)




French General I hope... love those fabric's.. and maybe an eiffel tower..

Thanks so much for a chance.


What ever you include, I'm sure there will be some of Ratty's fur!

Chriss Jasper

Well, obviously I am going to want to see some french themed something or others, but what else, let me see, a furry catepillar? Maybe a pair of purple elephants with painted toenails, could it possibly contain a bevvy of Bev's? Oh the possibilities are endless.....what about a box full of laughs, cos then one could use one from the box when one needed one but had run out. How useful would that be?
It will be wonderful whatever it is.


I just LOVE surprises and know it's fabulous whatever it is...Fabric, something handmade, a pattern - 1 or a combination??


Sewing machine?
Mmm, probably not- though I would like it better than a tiger cub or a lemon ;)
Very excited this is a surprise, I know whatever it is will be pure loveliness


Any fabric with a French theme would be great. Thanks for the giveaway.


Thanks for being so generous with the giveaway...

I am hoping some french general material....



Mmmmm. perhaps a lavendar sachet, lavendar scones or lavendar jam? Never tried eating lavendar but I do love the aroma. Choccies perhaps? Or just some gorgeous fabric. Whatever it is I am sure it will be lovely and whoever wins it will love it. THanks for the chance to win Cheryl.

Deb (NZ)

Perhaps tickets to your place to collect the box??? Oh how wonderful would that be!!!
Knowing you whatever in the box would be a treat and something to treasure, perhaps it could be my french item to send to my partner--hahahaha.
Love ya

Lyn Smith

Anything at all would be lovely. Am probably the second biggest fan of French General, (seeing as the number 1 spot has been taken) so whatever you've picked would be great. Thanks for the chance once again.

Lyn m

Something pretty, or anything. I love surprises in any shape or form. Thanks for the chance to win.

Denise Harsley

I would love a thimble pip, never new they existed and I have a thimble that is 40 years old that I started my tailoring with when I left school so it needs a home to sleep in when I let it rest!


I'd love to see beautiful fabrics. Thanks.


Maybe some fabric with Eiffel towers?? Anything would be a surprise and that is all that counts.

Jane G

Oh, I love surprises, and handmade ones are the best, or things that can be used to make surprises works too

Paulette Doyle

Fabric?? or Patterns? or Quilting Gadgets and Gizmos?...it's ALL good!! Surprises are so wonderful!! Thanks for the chance to win!

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