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July 16, 2012



love your work- its so fresh and pretty! And your running commentary!!


More than cute, absolutely gorgeous.

Gisèle Bourdon

Très bonne idée pour le ruban a mesurer.
Merci de partager votre idée.
Bonne semaine.


Wonderful idea! Love the colours and mini quilts...Wonder if my 2 large 9-year old 'puppies' would be able to guide me like Ratty?? I think that lots of little bits (27 or so) would decorate the lawn in a few minutes! Just like the blanket loving DH tucked them in with that lasted 2 nights...


I've said it before and I'll say ot again- clever gal! Ratty is great supervisor. My Clayton is also very good at inspecting my stitching, I think it is definately one of the many purposes cats have.


Oh what a gorgeous, inspiring post, Cheryl - love every little bit of this~!

Gayle Hill

Another great idea and the tape measure and the crochet holder are georgeous.


WOW! I love the tape measure AND the crochet holder. I also love the round beauty. Tell Ratty to stop being so judgemental...it's your life and you get to live it anyway you want! ;p

Cats can be so difficult at times...


oh what a great idea and how cute is that tape measure and holder.xx


What a clever supervisor Ratty is to come up with such great ideas. It looks wonderful.

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