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November 10, 2012


Linda H.

I looked up Toowoomba and Rainbow Beach on maps and it looks like you aren't moving very far, distance-wise, but so glad to know that the weather will be worlds different. You are so fortunate to get to build and build again as you do. How long have you been in this house? just a couple years, I think? I know you will build a fabulous coastal home, and I hope you have a marvelous time doing so. Sounds like a dream-come-true.

Kiara Delany

Congrats on your proposed move!


WTH???!!! The BEACH???!!! You'll love it! Milder winters and lovely summers! ;p ANother sewing studio to design! You luck girl!

I'm so glad Ratty Boy is fine. I really think he's in such great shape because he does daily yoga by squishing himself into small baskets. Wish I could do that! Maybe Ratty should write a book? ;p


Glad to hear that Ratty is ok. Rainbow Beach is beautiful. Toowoomba is so cold and windy , I grew up in Kingaroy and that was a cold place. Hope everything goes well with the sale of your house.


Cheryl, I am so pleased to hear that your gorgeous pussy cat is okay.Mine is still battling with HYpothyroidism that chganged form Hyperthyroidism. WE are waiting for the meds to get him right so he can have the thyroid removed.

Congrats on your proposed move. Terry, a scrapbooking friend moved up there a few years ago but I don't hear from her at all.

LOve that bunny!!!


Pleased Ratty is well Cheryl. So good to hear.
So thrilled about the move and that it is happening. Wahoo, neice's holiday house here we come. How fabulous we will be able to catch up and coffee and cake and sloth and chat and sloth a bit more and coffee again and shop just a wee bit and then a bit more.... you get my gist. Hehehehe Oh yeah, Bill is a really good bag carrier (but he much prefers fishing)


Good luck with the move and all the going on's at your place & Angelica is very sweet.


so glad Ratty is well again,love that pic of him in the basket.Wow some big changes ahead for you all,good luck.xx

Chriss Jasper

Yay for Ratty! Also yay for you guys, imagine a sea change! Just lovely. Hope it all goes well for you. See you soon.


So glad Ratty is OK. The garden has grown heaps. Good luck with the move. I am sure my teenage daughter will want to make Angelica so pretty. Louise

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